Men's shoes - 2019: fashion trends, trends, new items

It is believed that shoes for men - an indicator of its status. Therefore, the choice of men's shoes must be approached thoroughly. Fashionable men's shoes in 2019 - a combination of classic and sport, simplicity and sophistication, comfort and elegance. The leading place in fashionable men's shoes in 2019 will take shoes from leather, nubuck and suede. For more than one season, shoes made of these materials prove not only their attractiveness, but also their practicality.


Men's leather shoes

Leather shoes are a necessary element of clothes of each man. Today's fashion offers a wide variety of models of men's leather shoes for all life events and for every taste. Classic models are designed for business meetings, special occasions or daily trips to the office. And in shoes of a freer style and brighter colors, you can go for walks, parties and dates. The variety of leather men's shoes in the new season is very diverse. Smooth leather shoes are the best and most practical option. They are easy to clean, durable to wear.

Suede shoes: men's models 2019

Suede men's shoes are shoes made from calfskin, dressed in a special way. Such shoes look very elegant and respectable. Suede leather is breathable, so shoes are well suited for warm weather. Suede differs fluffy structure, so that such shoes are not recommended to walk in rainy and slushy weather. If you properly care for such shoes, it will last a long time.

Classic men's shoes 2019

Classic models of men's shoes - the most popular version of men's shoes. First, the classics is appropriate both for every day, and to supplement a respectable, business or festive image. Famous world designers presented in the high fashion shows 2019 traditional classic models of men's shoes. Many of them are made of genuine leather or suede, and look elegant, stylish. Today, the usual classic men's shoes adorned with original lines, bright laces and exquisite clasps. For men who prefer laconic, classic shoes, in the new collections there are some very interesting options.

Patent leather shoes for men

Varnished leather men's shoes are an excellent option for special occasions and social events. These shoes are the best option for cool weather, as they do not miss the air. Modern designers have tried to make each model unique. Using a variety of finishes, textures, unusual, color shades and all sorts of details, the designers created interesting classic models of men's shoes.

Reptile Leather Shoes

Reptile leather shoes are the most expensive male models. Such shoes are highly durable and beautiful extraordinary look. Unique models will please the representatives of the strong half with their durability, elegance and unique, pleasant shine.

Men's shoes: sporty

For several years on the catwalks of the world you can see sports shoes in the form of shoes. This year, fashion designers offer a combination of sports shoes with wide pants, shorts or jeans. An unexpected modern solution - sneakers, shoes with a classic suit. For extravagant men in trend shoes with massive soles and bright, rich colors. Such fashionable models as moccasins and slip-ons belong to sports men's shoes.

Black shoes - versatile men's shoes

For many years, men's shoes in black occupy a leading place among all the other colors of men's shoes. Every man’s wardrobe should have black shoes, as they are an integral part of a classic suit. Black shoes come to clothes of any color. Designers offer us variations with black color. That is, it can be classic patent leather shoes, or an extravagant version with studs or rivets. Only one thing is constant - black color of men's shoes. He was the most trending so it remains.

Blue men's shoes

Blue men's shoes will be an excellent choice in 2019 for men who follow fashion trends. No wonder designers chose blue. He was always considered very noble, and men's shoes, made in blue tones - an exquisite standard of style. Thanks to the various models presented, you can choose exactly the style of footwear in blue that suits your look. This may be sports-style shoes, and perhaps blue shoes of the classic variant will be suitable for your bow.

Brown men's shoes

Today, men's brown shoes are a great alternative to classic black. Modern fashion men's shoes expands its boundaries. This is evidenced by a wide range of brown models. A variety of shades from light brown to dark, almost black, will give the opportunity to safely experiment with your image. Brown color goes well with suede and genuine leather. As well as sports models of brown shades will be relevant in 2019. So if you decide to diversify your shoe wardrobe, we advise you to pay attention to shoes in brown shades. But we must remember that men's brown shoes are more attracted the attention of others, rather than concise black.

Men's white shoes

White men's shoes are offered by modern designers as an option for a summer wardrobe. They will give an informal look to the image. White men's shoes are perfectly combined with light, summer suits of light colors. Classic-style white shoes look very fashionable. White sports shoes will also match the sporty look of light shades.

The fashion of men's shoes is dynamic. Designers have provided a large selection of new fashionable bows with stylish shoes that will enable our men to be always in trend.