The excellent properties of the stone malachite, who suits the sign

Malachite is an attractive mineral that has a green color and all shades. Since ancient times it was believed that this was a stone of doctors and scientists, and girls used malachite to make shadows that emphasize the shape of the eyes and eyelashes. It is also believed that malachite is an ideal stone, which can serve as protection and a talisman for small children, diverting trouble from them and attracting good luck.

This amazing green stone has not only an attractive appearance, but also magical properties. The appearance of the stone includes playful curls, beautiful play and bright color that attracts attention. Since ancient times, this mineral was used for magical and ritual rituals, they decorated their clothes, considering malachite as the personification of wisdom.

Where is malachite used

As you know, malachite is a mineral that belongs to ornamental stones and is often used by jewelers to create inexpensive jewelry. Malachite attracts those around with its beauty, original color and streaks, therefore it is often used to make boxes and other souvenirs used for interior decoration. Ashtrays and vases made from this mineral are especially popular.

In ancient times, stone was used in palaces to decorate columns and tabletops, it was also used as a finishing material that adorns the surface of floors. Of particular importance were large vases that decorated the interior. Now the stone is also used not only by jewelers, but also by designers who are attracted by the strength and hardness of the stone.

Types and colors of the mineral

This amazing and durable natural mineral is divided into several types depending on its color. In general, malachite can have all shades of green, ranging from the lightest shades and ending in black and green. In general, the mineral is divided into three groups:

  • Finely gnarled - this type of stone is extremely rare, but it is striking in its beauty and originality. The surface of the stone is as if decorated with lines resembling birch branches. Lines and patterns attract with their mysteriousness, so this kind of stone is valued more than others and is used to create jewelry (beads, necklaces, etc.).
  • Velvet or Plush malachite is a stone with small particles on the surface, similar to velvet. The lack of stones is inconvenient in the polishing process.
  • Turquoise mineral - has a number of shades of green, laid in waves. This type of malachite has a high hardness, but at the same time it is simple and easy to polish.

Healing properties of malachite

Like most stones, malachite has unique healing properties that humanity noticed in ancient times. Healers of traditional medicine believe that malachite has a positive effect on the skin and its condition, returns youth and elasticity of the skin. If a girl constantly wears malachite jewelry, then allergic rashes and other spots on the skin will disappear soon. It is also noted that this stone has a beneficial effect on the hair, contributing to their strengthening and accelerated growth.

Lithotherapists are sure that malachite has a beneficial effect on the body, healing it from eye diseases and improving eyesight in general. Also, the stone is able to stop attacks of bronchial asthma, easing and eliminating the disease. In case of any diseases, it is enough to put a stone on a sore spot, repeating this procedure every day, as a result of which one can notice that the disease goes away without leaving a trace behind it. Malachite has a special influence on the forehead chakra, the work of the heart and the vertebral part.

Since ancient times, it is believed that malachite is a stone of health that protects its owner from melancholy and aggression, diseases and pains (dental, articular, etc.). Healers of Eastern countries actively use stone for the treatment of spleen and pancreas. The stone also accelerates tissue regeneration, healing wounds, including internal ones, for example, an ulcer. It is noticed that the brighter and lighter the stone, the greater its healing power.

The magical properties of the stone

Mankind for a long time believes that every stone hides the power of nature and has a huge mystical energy that lies hidden within it. Malachite is a stone that can open the third eye chakra, giving the owner certain magical abilities. There are legends that the carriers of the stone could become invisible to their enemies, reflecting the negative and misfortunes.

Also, malachite has a beneficial effect on the family hearth, strengthens the bonds of marriage and helps to find harmony in love relationships. Stone improves physical and moral condition, gives a good mood and strength. The mineral is of particular importance for creative individuals, because it enhances their potential. The stone protects the wearer from the negative, controls the manifestations of aggression and prevents depression. Also, malachite makes its owner more attractive, attracting the opposite sex, like a magnet.

Who is suitable for malachite zodiac sign

Astrologers claim that each stone has such a property as compatibility with one or another sign of the zodiac. It is important to know the properties and characteristics of each mineral, but the compatibility of the mineral with a person will be no less significant. If a stone does not fit its owner, then it will have a negative impact on him, attracting only misfortunes and failures. In the opposite case, the stone is able to become a reliable protection, talisman and talisman for its owner, attracting success and wealth into his life.

As for malachite, it suits Aries, especially those who were born in the third decade of this sign. The mineral will make the person more kind and calm, thanks to which prudent Aries will be able to make the right decisions and find a way out of difficult situations. Also, the stone is suitable for Taurus, because the green color perfectly matches the earth element, optimizing the strength and spirit of its owner. Taurus with malachite will find harmony and tranquility, and all the problems and negative will avoid them.

Twins will forget about nightmares, headaches and insomnia with the help of this mineral. Also, the stone will serve as a reliable amulet that protects from damage and the evil eye. If you look at the stone, it will relieve tension and bring harmony to the life of its owner. In Scorpios, malachite opens the gift of clairvoyance, protecting them from disease and attracting success in all areas.

Scales will become more eloquent and attractive, and Aquarius, Sagittarius and Capricorns will become more confident in themselves and their abilities. The only ones to whom malachite is contraindicated are Cancers and Virgos, since they have energetics that are incompatible with the energetics of this mineral. He will not bring any benefit to them; moreover, he can only do harm by making a person scattered and confused.

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