The most unusual people in the world. It's hard to believe!

Many people, looking at themselves in the mirror, are worried that they lack unique features. But there are those who themselves change not only spiritually, but also physically. There are also opposite situations - a person does not want to stand out in any way, but Mother Nature disposes differently. The article presents the most unusual people in the world.

Tallest man

Sultan Kösen was the tallest of the people living on the planet. His height reached 2 meters 51 cm. When Kösen straightens his head almost touches the basketball hoop. It is unlikely that anyone will pay attention to such a giant, and it is unlikely that Sultan himself would like to stand out from the crowd. After all, clothes and shoes have to be sewn only on an individual order.

The strongest of people

It is said that human capabilities have no boundaries. The Lithuanian Savickas Zidrunas confirmed this statement. In the power triathlon, he overcame a weight of 1000 kg. He did a squat with a barbell whose weight was 400 kg. Savickas is the strongest man who lives on the planet. He can easily lift the heaviest man in the world.

Jessica Rabbit Live

To which only man will not go for the sake of beauty. Animation film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" pushed the Swiss Pixie Fox to look like the main character of the film - sexy Jessica. For maximum similarity, Pixie filled with silicone lips and chest. But the woman didn’t stop there, and to achieve maximum similarity, she simply removed six ribs to herself. Now she always wears a supporting corset and eats only liquid food. But beautiful ...

The fattest woman

Everyone has their own vision of beauty and the desire to stand out from the gray crowd of people. Someone does not know how to get rid of extra pounds of their weight. British Susan Eman is considered the fattest woman on earth in the history of mankind. Susan deliberately makes herself so and absolutely does not pay attention to those extra pounds. Her beloved man, a chef by profession, helps Susan in every possible way to keep her in this form. Now Susan Eman's weight is 343 kg.


In order to be as close as possible to the queen of beasts, the socialite, whose name is Joslin Wildenstein, agreed to resort to countless plastic surgeries. At the moment, she is on the list of the most terrible women on earth and it looks as if she is mingling wildly now.

Small woman

Disease achondroplasia does not allow Indian Joti Amji to grow. At 18, Jyoti weighed 5 kg, 200 grams, and her height was 62.8 cm. Jyoti Amji is the smallest woman on the planet.

Boy with giant hands

Due to a rare disease, the hands of a child, whose name is Kaleim, grow daily. And the growth rate is very significant. Today, the size of each hand is much larger than the size of a boy's head.


To look like a Barbie doll, Ukrainian Lukyanova Valeria did everything possible. Someone thinks that this transformation happened due to plastic surgeons, someone - the use of photo editors and spending countless hours in the gym. But all unequivocally assert that the shape of Lukyanov’s nose has changed and resorted to mammoplasty.

Scary angelina jolie

Sugar Tabar is a 20-year-old resident of Iran in order to look like beautiful Angelina Jolie underwent 50 plastic surgeries. In addition, she is exhausting herself with strict diets. With its height of 150 cm, it weighs 40 kg. But the result was far from desired. Now Sugar Tabar is similar to the character from the cartoon "Corpse Bride." But the girl herself says that her photos are the result of processing in the photo editor and applying makeup.

The man who almost never gets old

Hiomung Shin - a resident of South Korea is considered the most unusual person. His age is 26 years old, but he looks at a maximum of 13 years.

Science knows the condition of the body called "Highlander Syndrome" - the body does not age as quickly as a normal person. This brings Shin some inconvenience. Often, the protection of nightclubs believes that the young man has a fake passport and does not let him.

Infinite plastic

The most unusual people do not necessarily have any congenital anomalies or serious diseases. Cindy Jackson, 61, is a champion in the number of plastic operations.

Cindy had over 55 plastic surgeries - implant placement, jaw surgery, liposuction, rhinoplasty, many serious and minor surgical interventions. But this active user of plastic surgery is not going to stop.


The owner of the largest nose in the world is the Turk Mehmet Ozyurek. No one has ever received as many comments about his nose as he. During the measurement of Mehmet’s nose for entering the Guinness Book of Records, its length was 8 cm 8 mm.

Man with giant nails

Indian resident Sridhar Chillala is the owner of the longest nails in the world. He began to grow them in the early 50s. For 62 years, the nails on one of the hands of the Indian grew to a terrifying length - 910 centimeters.

It is very difficult to manage the housework with such nails. A man cannot get a job because of his nails. But in order to stand out and get into the Guinness Book of Records, you need to make great sacrifices.

Modified person

Tattoo artist Kala Kaivi disfigured or decorated his eyes and body with tattoos and body piercing. Silicone horns on his head. He is also the owner of the largest ear tunnels in the world. Their diameter is 109 mm.

Horned woman

In the Middle Ages, a resident of China Liang Xiuzhen could be burned at the stake. She was nicknamed the "unicorn woman." But modern science claims that the cutaneous horn on a woman’s head is a consequence of the virus. This vital education gives the Chinese woman discomfort. This growth on the head reached a length of 13 centimeters. Doctors are afraid to do an operation to remove the formation due to the fact that Liang may not move it.

Of course, there are far more people in the world whose existence is hard to believe. Information about some presented in the video.