Tattoos of signs of the zodiac, their meaning

Decorating your body with all sorts of symbols is quite traditional. Those who are addicted to all kinds of horoscopes prefer to choose symbols and paraphernalia related to their zodiac sign. According to the deep conviction of people who honor astrology and predictions, such signs on the body betray their strength, courage and inner energy.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

This sign includes all born from 22.06 to 22.07. Representatives of the sign are secretive and self-absorbed people. However, they tend to give surprises to others and are not always pleasant.

The designation of the sign looks like the number 69. A prototype version for the drawing is two claws of the animal. Someone thinks that the symbol came from Eastern culture and that means yin and yang. The zodiac sign itself carries female energy. Therefore, it is believed that the picture symbolizes the female breast or even the egg.

For application to the body, you can choose:

  • real animal image;
  • constellation;
  • symbol.

It is worth noting that, filling the body image of Cancer, you must specify its essence, as a sign of the zodiac. This is important because the animal itself has a different meaning in the tattoo culture. The symbol on the body can mean stealth - as the main characteristic of the representatives of the sign. Also, the picture means movement and striving for self-development, as part of self-knowledge. Round lines symbolize inner harmony and infinity.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Often you can find the image of Gemini in the form of two identical faces. For clarity, it is recommended to supplement the pattern with zodiac signs.

Gemini is most often vulnerable and romantic. They tend to quickly and often change their minds and make spontaneous decisions. You can choose a realistic image of the twins, the inscription Gemini or two thick, interconnected cross-beams, Roman-like columns 2.

The image of a symbol can have a double meaning. It simultaneously means the duplicity of a person and the harmony of character. Some people prefer to think that the symbol in the form of two columns represents the gate to the world of self-knowledge.

Aries Star Sign Tattoo

The symbol on the body, denoting the sign Aries, carries the male energy. People born under it are characterized by activity, courage and abundance of vitality.

Those who punish the sign of Aries on the body, may strive to demonstrate their uniqueness and originality. Also, it is enough for someone to underline in this way the belonging to this zodiac sign. Others are trying to indicate their willingness to confront obstacles. From a certain point of view, the symbol of Aries is the sign of the winner. Such people are ready to come to the rescue and demonstrate responsiveness. Among all interpretations of this and other tattoos, the main thing is only the meaning that its holder puts into the picture.

Zodiac sign tattoo Libra

Those who see the Libra symbol on another person can safely assume that the person is friendly and romantic. They attach particular importance to honesty and strive for justice in any situation. It should also be borne in mind that representatives of the sign are indecisive and prone to unjustified changes of opinion.

Choosing a tattoo in the form of Libra, its owner wants to emphasize his particular attitude to justice. It is important for him to stay in balance and harmony with himself and his convictions. It is believed that such a sign on the body of Libra helps them identify for themselves the really important things in life and protects them from evil people.

Leo zodiac sign tattoo

The lion also carries masculine energy. A tattoo with the symbol of this zodiac sign is capable of endowing its possessor with masculinity, inner strength and courage.

To designate your affiliation with a sign, it is enough to fill a small character in the form of the letter n with an elongated tail on one side. This symbol in the culture of tattoo means self-control and underlined exposure. Instead of a symbol, a full-length face of a lion or predator is stuffed more often. If such a picture does not designate as a sign of the zodiac, then it will bear a completely different meaning.

Pisces zodiac sign tattoo

Fishes are designated by two crescents that look at each other on the outside. Between them there is a perpendicular line as a connecting element. The symbol represents two fish swimming in different directions. The sign denotes yin yang - harmony and balance. The same meaning is invested in such tattoos.

Also, tattoo means the desire for freedom in terms of creativity and personal life. A person who makes his own tattoos wants to emphasize his desire to be free.

Capricorn zodiac sign tattoo

The symbol denoting this sign of the zodiac looks like the letter n, having a curl at the end. It is perfect as a tattoo. A sign on the body will mean the connection of its owner with the Sun. Such a tattoo gives power and inner energy for life and new achievements. Its owner may well become a tireless leader and author of unique accomplishments.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Those born under the sign of Aquarius strive for freedom. They want to throw off the shackles of the framework created by society and move beyond accepted standards. In addition to the picture in which the hero pours water from a jug, Aquarius is designated with a symbol in the form of two horizontal wavy lines. According to the legend, one wave is dead water, and the second is alive. In another interpretation, the first line means the mind, the other - the feelings.

Tattoo with this sign is intended to become a talisman and save from failures. The drawing with spilled water underlines the desire to get rid of all the bad. If water is poured by an athletic-looking person, then it becomes a symbol of fortitude. If a two-line symbol was chosen as a tattoo, it means the duality of a person’s character.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus has always been stubborn and jealous personalities. At the same time, behind their wide back you can always safely hide from adversity. The main features that the owner of such a symbol on the body wishes to emphasize:

  • imperiousness;
  • power;
  • willingness to assist;
  • desire to persevere in their goals;
  • conservatism;
  • caution;
  • excess vitality.

Virgo zodiac sign tattoo

Tattoo on the body in the form of a Virgo symbol means the desire for harmony and perfection. If instead of a symbol an image is chosen, then its owner wishes to emphasize his elegance, grace, ability to caress, sincerity and creative nature.

Scorpio zodiac sign tattoo

The symbol, which is usually depicted on the body, emphasizing its affiliation to this zodiac sign, looks like the Latin letter m with an arrow at the end. About the meaning of such a tattoo can be judged by the features of his drawing. If the sting on a symbol or image is highlighted most clearly, then they want to emphasize courage and readiness to fight. Also, the picture can mean the sensuality mixed with the civility of its owner.

Sagittarius zodiac sign tattoo

The Sagittarius symbol looks like an arrow looking up. Such tattoos are chosen by the owners of the creative component. It should be immediately clear to others that the owner of such a mark on the body is a versatile personality, developed in all respects. Archers tend to demonstrate the power of the spirit in all their endeavors.

Where to fill the sign of the zodiac

The location of such a tattoo on the body is of particular importance. Men stuffed his chest to strengthen the power of the spirit and bring harmony to the relationship. The image on the neck will stimulate career growth and help in their own development. That tattoo on the neck can become a talisman and a talisman for good luck.

Tattoos with zodiac symbols on the wrist are also common. Located on the right hand, such a picture will help optimize relationships with loved ones and even start a family. The left hand is not the best place for a tattoo. It is believed that the image in this place stimulates the growth of self-doubt and the emergence of doubts on any occasion. Also positively on the life of the owner of the tattoo affects their location on the back, abdomen, legs and lower back.

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