100 ideas of a single-color manicure: photo novelties of boring nail art 2018

The abundance of various methods of decorating nails, ranging from simple sparkles and ending with volume stucco, could not overshadow the popularity of one-colored manicure. In each season, there are new original options for decorating the nails, but the solid design each time finds its loyal fans.

How much is solid manicure in demand in the new season, where bright and unusual designs dominate? Today we can state with confidence that using just one shade of lacquer is enough to get a stylish and unique design.

Monochrome manicure 2018: what is in fashion this season

Monochromatic manicure 2018, despite the prevailing opinion, is not without decor and other original innovations. In the new season in fashion such trends as:

  • nails of medium or short almond-shaped and oval shape
  • French manicure
  • Completely monophonic manicure on short nails - matte and glossy pastel or bright shades are in trend

  • frame design - a type of French manicure that looks great on short nails
  • monophonic manicure with the release of the ring finger of both hands
  • plain metallic design
  • negative space manicure

As you can see monophonic manicure is not at all boring and monotonous. Combining various techniques and shades even with one color of a varnish it is possible to create stylish and harmonious design.

Fashionable monophonic manicure 2018: the rules for the implementation of stylish design

Solid design exposes even the most minor flaws of the nail plate. If you can disguise them in a nail art with drawings or hide them under large rhinestones, then it will not work with a single-colored manicure. Therefore, girls who want to make such a design should know a few simple rules, following which a manicure will always look harmonious.

  • the shape of the nail plate should be in harmony with the shape of the fingers
  • plain manicure - the best option for short nails
  • It is necessary to monitor the cuticle - the smaller it is, the longer the nail plate
  • To create a bright monochromatic manicure, you must retreat 1 millimeter from the edge of the nail. This will visually lengthen the nails and fingers.
  • geometric patterns in a manicure visually lengthen the nails
  • monochromatic design in nude tones make the nails visually longer, bright rich nail art focuses on the shape and length of the nail
  • when choosing a shade for a monotonous manicure, pay attention to the skin tone

Monochromatic manicure 2018: photo novelties of the season

What are the shades in fashion in the new season? What varnish to choose so that the nails look stylish and not fancy? In 2018, at the peak of popularity, such colors as:

  • beige, milky, pale pink shades. Choose a lacquer for a tone lighter than the skin, this will add to the image of refinement and elegance.
  • bohemian rich tones - plum, eggplant, cherry, dark green
  • metallic shades with glitter and shimmer, which add to the design of holiday notes and diversify the everyday design
  • deep shades of blue - ultramarine, azure, cobalt, sapphire
  • all shades of gray - steel, mother of pearl, iron, tin, coal
  • bright colors - popular summer colors: purple, crimson, sunny

Monotone manicure 2018 short nails

As already noted, plain manicure is simply created for short nails. It looks great in any color, it looks restrained, gentle and neat. In the new season, several major trends are popular:

  • monophonic neyl-art in gentle light shades. Such a design only complements the main image, and does not stand out as a bright spot from the overall ensemble.
  • monophonic manicure with a varnish of one color, but different shades. The result is a gradient effect that is lightened from thumb to little finger. The little finger should be the brightest in all design.

  • design with a thin strip in the center or side of the nail. Such a technique to diversify one-color design, make it more interesting and creative.
  • monophonic design with a selection of the ring or middle finger. As a decor the varnish with spangles is used in several layers. The remaining nails are painted in neutral base tones.

Plain manicure with acrylic sand

A manicure with acrylic sand, even in a single-color design, does not look trite at all. Choose a shade of lacquer identical to acrylic sand, so your manicure will turn out really attractive and stylish.

To create a discreet and fashionable manicure does not necessarily sand all the nails. It is enough to depict "knitted" patterns, monograms, lace on the ring or middle finger, and sprinkle them with acrylic on plenty. This design is especially popular in the winter season. It harmoniously looks with knitted things, repeating the texture and pattern of the main image.

Monophonic manicure with rubbing

Rubbing is one of the latest innovations in nail design, which since its appearance has won the hearts of most fashionistas. Solid design with a rub-in looks elegant, attractive and noble.

Rub in is a dressing of very fine grinding, which in contact with the gel polish creates an amazingly beautiful texture. Design with rubbing looks unusual and causes great interest.

In the manicure shops there is a wide variety of rubbing, starting from the metallic effect and ending with the spectacular color of the chameleon. For a single-colored manicure, pearl rub. It turns every nail into elegant pearl play, which looks fantastically beautiful.

Bright monophonic manicure: chic summer ideas 2018

Bright and non-standard options for a single-colored manicure is the choice of young girls who want to draw the maximum attention to their person. In addition, the summer weather and the abundance of natural colors tells the girls what should be depicted on their nails.

In the trend saturated colors: crimson, juicy green, yellow, neon shades. Complement the bright design with patterns of black or white stamping, geometric patterns, dotted decor. In 2018, there are practically no restrictions on a bright manicure, all shades and designs will be met with a bang.

Solid manicure is always in fashion, and taking into account the various decorative elements with which to dilute the design, it will still occupy a leading position in everyday and festive nail art. Be inspired by the photo-ideas presented in our review and create your own unique monochrome designs.

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