Fashion News: Women's jackets and jackets 2017

The legendary element of women's wardrobe appeared in 1954. It was then that Coco Chanel in Paris revived her fashion house and freed women from tight corsets, crinolines and puffy skirts. Koko has become a real inspiration for a straight, non-chilling male jacket. And later, the famous tweed suit Chanel became the benchmark for new female fashion. This is a short jacket with gold buttons, patch pockets and a pencil skirt.

Not much has changed since those times. To this day, most young girls and older women do not represent their style without a stylish jacket, and Chanel's famous costume performs brilliantly every year at fashion shows, continually adding more and more new details and sophisticated elements.

Rather, we will begin to view new ideas in the design of a women's jacket and create fashionable images with it in 2017.

Elegant classic silhouette

Let's start with the classics. With each season, the traditional office style is noticeably transformed. Do not compare the classics that was previously, and its modern interpretation.

Today, a stylish classic jacket has more color experiments, interesting textures and prints.

Do not forget the couturier and details. The elegant silhouette of a women's jacket can complement beautiful accessories in the form of zippers, brooches instead of buttons, as well as a luxurious wide belt at the waist.

The choice of a strict women's jacket is impressive. Today, women of fashion even in the office can safely choose for themselves a pair of stylish and completely different in style of models.

From classic to avant-garde: extravaganza of colors and prints

It is impossible to imagine modern fashion without a colorful extravaganza and bright prints. Women's jackets and jackets in 2017 also became the object of realization of the most interesting creative ideas and bold experiments. Blue, hot pink, red, lavender, yellow, green, all sorts of neon shades will be relevant as never before.

Drawings and prints have long ceased to be exclusively banal cells, stripes and other uncomplicated patterns. Just take a look at this collection - well, isn't it a work of art?

However, the more traditional prints are undoubtedly elegant in modern design.

Emphasis on decor

Designers of jackets and blazers designers paid no less attention. Exquisitely embroidered, with interesting appliqués, finishes and convex elements, the blazers filled the fashionable catwalks this year. Brilliant, bright products are simply created in order to attract the attention of others.

Shimmering fabrics are artfully complemented by minimalistic buttons and neat stand-up collar.

Simple things

Looking at the following photos of women's jackets, you will not immediately pay attention to them - simple models pripylennyh basic shades. Suppose that in 2017 fashion is not so rich in basic jackets, but if the soul asks for monochrome minimalism, you should look at interesting options, for example, like these photos.


Who would have thought earlier that in the women's wardrobe things may appear closer to the male theme. But as time goes on, fashion changes and dictates new trends to us, one of which was the notorious oversight. The frivolous, relaxed silhouette of stylish women's jackets is very much loved by all fashionable women.

A trouser suit in a protective color with an oversized jacket oversized - the personification of strict conservatism and excellent style.

A suit with a midi skirt and a long jacket - a combination of modernity and nostalgia for retro.

A black loose-fitting jacket contrasts organically with an elongated skirt with a bright print.

A luxurious white jacket with stylish culottes of the same color - a representative and trendy bow 2017.

Basque jackets

And this option will be ideal for fans of feminine sophistication and owners of thin waist. Jackets with basque still do not leave fashion catwalks. Designers presented elegant products in the rhythm of the 2017 fashion trends.

Fur trim and other details

It would seem that something else can be thought up? What about fur? Surprisingly, even in the women's jacket of this detail designers will find their application. So, with the help of fur, artfully focused attention on the collar or the main slats.

Contrast strips also attract: black in light products, light in dark gray and black.

Unusual ideas of designers

When we go against any standards and oppose far-fetched stereotypes, in the fashion world, such contradictions ultimately yield a completely unpredictable result. The creative potential of designers is very actively manifested in the creation of such creative products as in the photo below.

The bright layered trim of the jacket is a luxurious detail that gives alongside a special personality and chic.

The seductive accent of this model is bare shoulders.

The translucent corrugated bottom of the jacket is an unusual designer's idea.

Some more trends

We found out the main trends of fashion jackets 2017. But I would also like to mention the ever-current denim, military, as well as tweed products. Translucent blazers and models resembling blouses will be in fashion.

Contrast edging at the edges gives the jacket a zest. Such details always look interesting and sophisticated.

Fashionable women's jackets 2017: photos of new products

What other ideas of stylish bows with jackets prepared by designers? The best examples of new products are presented in the following photos.

In this stylish jacket, all the attention is focused not on the decor, but on the style: the shortest design with wide long sleeves is the main idea of ​​the design.

The evolution of Coco Chanel’s invention from year to year is clearly visible at fashion shows. Famous designers do not get tired to show their creative imagination, creating more and more unique products - from classic simplified to the brightest extravagant models. Whatever your choice, remember the cherished rule of fashion: wear Coco Chanel's classics not only with pants or pencil skirt, but with bright accessories, jeans and trendy sneakers, showing everyone that the style does not have time.