What to give for New Year 2019: original and bright ideas for a New Year surprise for family, friends, colleagues

New Year's Eve is always troublesome and fussy time. This is a period when you can forget about the problems, remember the closest people and immerse yourself in such a pleasant activity as the selection of New Year's gifts. Just before the New Year, we remember our loved ones, pay attention to their hobbies and tastes, try to please and please them with our attention.

For many, buying Christmas gifts is a real flour. With a huge variety of gifts, it is difficult to choose one of the gifts, which ideally should be suitable for the gift and be acceptable in price to the donor. In our review, we will talk about which gifts are best for children, relatives, colleagues, business partners, boss, etc. to buy.

What to give a child for the New Year 2019?

Remember yourself in childhood. How reverently you waited for the coming of the New Year holidays. It was a time of fairy tales, long-awaited gifts and sweets. Now you have grown up and you have a difficult question - what to put your favorite crumbs under the Christmas tree.

The best advice for those who want to make their child happy for the New Year is to listen to their baby and understand what your little princess-daughter or energetic fidget-son dreams of. Invite your child to write a letter to Santa Claus, take part in this process. Baby is sure to share with you the most cherished dreams.

Popular toys for children for the upcoming 2019 are:

  • Winx, Baby Dolls, Monster High, Mattel and others
  • boats, helicopters, cars on the remote control. Especially like a boy from 7 years old children's quadrocopters.
  • Designers - choose quality sets from the popular Lego series. They will be interesting to children from 3 years and older. Even your teenage son will not remain indifferent to the collection models of cars, helicopters and airplanes.
  • gifts for active pastime with friends or in nature

Teenagers are not particularly surprised even by expensive toys. By age 12, children are already quite aware of what they want for the New Year. Most often it is a smartphone, headphones, tablet and other gadgets. Ask your child exactly which model he wants to receive, otherwise you risk wasting money.

What to give a guy / girl for the New Year 2019?

New Year's holidays for lovers are always imbued with a special atmosphere of romance. These are the first joint events that lay the foundation for future strong family relationships.

We offer you some original ideas of New Year's gifts for lovers:

  • T-shirts, key rings, mugs with a unique design, such as a photo or an inscription
  • tickets to the cinema or to the concert of your favorite artist
  • a subscription to the swimming pool, fitness center, dance lessons, acting classes, drawing, etc.
  • interesting and exciting board game that can be played with friends
  • hand-made souvenirs and gifts

What to give to my wife for the New Year 2019: ideas for practical and pleasant gifts

Regardless of the duration of family life, the New Year is another opportunity to show your soulmate how much you love and appreciate her. Men tend to be practical, so in most cases they get another frying pan or tablecloth as a gift.

We offer you 3 ways to solve such a complex issue as choosing a New Year's gift for your spouse:

1. Gifts with creativity - surprise your wife with an unusual gift, for example, buy theater tickets, a New Year party at a private club, book a limousine and hundreds of balloons that you will fly into the sky and make wishes for the coming year.

2. Gifts for a hobby - take a look at the hobbies of your spouse and you will understand what is necessary for her as a gift. These can be beadwork, scrabbooking, calligraphy, drawing, knitting and more.

Or maybe the sweetheart dreams of a professional manicure set? Go to a specialty store and the seller will give you a gift that will appeal to your creative wife.

3. Generous gifts - once a year, you can spend money on luxury perfumes, branded clothing, jewelry. No woman will refuse such gifts.

What to give her husband for the New Year?

Most men do not hide that they would like to receive a gift for the New Year, which is somehow connected with their hobby. Here are a few New Year gift ideas for a spouse:

  • the fisherman buy a new spinning, brand reel or other gear
  • for the hunter, pick up gift sets of skewers, glasses in attractive packaging, a compass and other accessories that will be useful to him in nature

  • DVR, multicomponent acoustics, high-quality car cosmetics, new mats and covers in the car, new radio tape recorder

  • a man who loves to do everything with his own hands, useful high-quality power tools, drill, turbine, hammer drill, jigsaw. At the same time you should not buy low-cost models for the stock. Spend on quality tools that will long serve its owner.

What to give to parents for the New Year?

When choosing a gift for the older generation, be aware that the care and attention of children is very important to them. Think about what your parents need for home and household. The ideal option is a joint expensive gift from all children.

Choose such a gift so that it makes the life of parents easier and more comfortable. Perhaps it will be a TV with a large expansion, a washing machine and other household appliances. Older parents will surely enjoy joint trips to a sanatorium or excursions to the city of their youth.

Psychologists do not recommend giving parents gifts related to medicine, even if it is a necessary and expensive thing. Such a gift will remind them of their ailment and cause negative emotions.

What to give to colleagues at the New Year?

Traditionally, fellow workers are presented with small, purely symbolic gifts. The most common option is a souvenir with a symbol of the year.

If you work in an office, then instead of the usual figurine with mumps donate a colleague:

  • personalized souvenirs
  • personal mugs with inscriptions and photos

  • stationery
  • creative calendars

  • funny handmade sets with sweets, drinks, fruits, cute toys

What to give a boss or business partners?

Choosing a gift for a boss or business partner, take a closer look at the gifts that emphasize the high status of the recipient. The gift should be such that the person wants to leave it in his office and proudly show the guests.

Most successful people are not inclined to accumulate things that have no practical value. The gift must have functionality, status, creativity.

Look for gifts such as:

  • brand pen
  • exclusive souvenirs
  • Notebooks and diaries premium
  • unique and old books

Giving children, spouse, colleagues at work Christmas gifts, you give a piece of yourself, your attention and care. Do not treat the choice of a gift as a dreary and boring occupation, on the contrary, turn it into an exciting quest, the prize for which will be the love, appreciation and respect of others, who will accompany you throughout the year.

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