Crafts from matchboxes do-it-yourself

One has only to show imagination, and the usual matchbox can be changed beyond recognition by making an original beautiful thing out of it. Surprise your family and friends with a creative gift!

Gift wrapping, souvenir boxes, memorable accessories

Such packaging is an excellent option for jewelry gifts and other small things. Perhaps a decorative box made with your own hands will be more valuable than the gift itself! To create such a miracle, you will need a matchbox, scrap paper, decorative items and your imagination.

Valentine cards

An original declaration of love is possible not only on Valentine's Day. With the charming lovely surprises that are made by you, you can do it all year round. Take a few matchboxes, paste over the textured paper, decorate with hearts - and the gift is ready. You can sweeten it by putting inside some kind of “snack”.

Mini book


Luxurious furniture for a doll is obtained from ordinary matchboxes. Paint these wonderful mini dressers, tables with beautiful flowers, and here's a stylish chebbi chic for a toy princess!

Mental messages in a box

Halloween souvenir

Miniature furniture

There is nothing easier than to make furniture from matchboxes. Layouts are attached.

At first glance, no one would think that these picturesque caskets consist of matchboxes. But it really is! Fantasy, a little patience - and a terrific functional accessory in front of you.

“Photo stories”

Creative idea - to create a mini-album with photos. Prepare a matchbox, scissors, glue, paints, brushes, cards, decor paper and small photos. Make a decorative box, and for him a screen with a photo. Such a photo album, like an amulet, can always be carried with you.

And here is the mini-camera

“Yummy” in mini-packaging


Make a toy suitcase in retro style? We need a matchbox, paper and any funny Circuits for decoration.

Screen Book

The collection of the following boxes is a collection of mini-books created by American designer Richard Meyer, whose pages are folded in a folding screen.

Similarly, you can make a children's book. We print little fairy tales, glue drawings to them, fold them into a screen and fasten a box inside. Surely, such an original tale will not leave the child indifferent to reading.


Unusual panel is obtained from the sliding part of matchboxes. Glue the cells together, paint them, decorate them with photos, flowers, patterns and other interesting little things.

Inspiration box

The creative thing of the Dutch designer Kim Velling is a box for inspiration. The artist knows: a smile or a few pleasant words will improve your mood. And if there was no one around, then the miracle box, inside of which is a funny picture or invigorating inscriptions, will save. Let her be always there, because this is a great way to cheer you up at any moment!

Tale in the box

Children's alphabet

Toys for children

Cute dolls

From the boxes you can make not only doll houses, but also cute dolls. Draw on top a little princess, and as the legs let them be matches, looking out of the ajar box.

Clip Box


This is a decorative box with charming souvenirs and symbolic gifts for guests. Great idea in organizing all kinds of holidays.


The secret of a bright holiday in confetti! Store them in decorative colorful boxes that are easy to make when there are empty matchboxes.


Another idea for fun is bright matchbox puzzles. Take a drawing for a future puzzle, lean it against the canvas from the boxes, mark the contours with a pencil along their perimeters, and then cut them. Alternatively, make a puzzle of old photos - a great memento!

Candle holders

Christmas crafts

Advent Calendar

According to the European New Year traditions, 24 days before Christmas, interesting pre-Christmas calendars are made in the form of cards with 24 pockets, in which they put nice gifts, sweets, cute little notes with quotes or good messages. Every day, pull the news out of the pocket, charging with positive and festive mood. Make such a calendar of matchboxes is not difficult.

Funny collection “Mouse in a box”

We believe that there will be plenty of ideas for creative inspiration. Dare!

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