Cast marble baths

Marble elements in the interior - the real art of design. This material is always associated with luxury and elegance. But can it be considered functional and practical? Many of us doubt it, believing that they pay only for the aesthetic properties of marble. will dispel contrived myths and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

Marble in interior decoration

In modern design, marble along with stone and glass is widely used in the manufacture of sanitary ware, bathroom design and more. Its spectacular appearance is impressive, and sometimes, and shocking for its beauty. Casting marble is very popular in the interior decoration. In fact, this material can be called universal - it allows the master to implement the most unusual ideas. In the hands of an experienced experienced professional casting marble turns into a real work of art!

Benefits of Cast Marble Baths

1. Easy installation. These baths are installed directly on the base. In certain cases, for mounting or supplying communications in them create holes.

2. The low thermal conductivity of cast marble baths allows you to enjoy water treatments with fragrant soft foam for a long time, because they keep the temperature perfectly, so the bath is always warm.

3. Ability to absorb vibrations. All kinds of hydromassage equipment and other functional baths can create a lot of noise. But even with standard products, filling with water is accompanied by vibrations. One of the significant advantages of cast marble is the function of absorbing any vibrations. This not only improves comfort, but also the life of the bath itself.

4. Easy to clean. With careful handling of the casting bath, for the care of it you need only 2 means: a soap solution and a soft sponge. All other methods and household chemicals will no longer be needed.

5. High environmental friendliness of the product. This indicator is based on the fact that in the production of such baths only high-quality materials are used, which have been subjected to numerous checks for complete safety and safety for adults and children.

6. Wear resistance. Products made of cast marble are able to maintain their flawless appearance for a long time. In everyday life, they can serve for a long time - 15-20 years or more.

The disadvantages of cast marble

For a complete understanding of the properties and features of such baths, it would not hurt to consider the other side of the coin, namely, to draw attention to the shortcomings of cast marble:

1. High cost.

This aspect can be quite justified to find, given the aesthetic luxury of the product, the original design ideas and the long life of the material.

2. Great weight.

Transporting the bath will require the help of movers. But, again, this inconvenience will brighten up the advantages mentioned above.

3. Poor resistance to chemicals.

It is possible that over time, traces of certain chemical, cosmetic products and other effects will form on the surface of the bath. In this case, you will have to spend money on special protective equipment, which are quite expensive.

4. The tendency to the formation of chips and scratches.

One has only to drop a heavy object in the bath, for example, a shower can, as a scratch or chip is formed on the surface of the slice. Although it is quite easy to restore the bath, but the masters for this service will still have to pay a decent amount.

Taking into account all the pros and cons of the bath of molded marble, it must be said that the special technical and aesthetic properties justify all of its drawbacks, and with careful handling of the product, they may simply not be.

Production features

In principle, the process of producing such a bath is quite simple. However, there are some nuances that cannot be observed without a professional experienced in this matter. It is these important points that significantly complicate the process of production and installation:

  • in the procedure of coloring the primary composition, every detail is important, because it is rather difficult to obtain the effect of beautiful natural divorces;

  • it is very important to know all the proportions of blended components. But even a thorough mastery of the technology of manufacturing such products does not guarantee the achievement of an ideal result;

  • get ready for the fact that a lot of money will be wasted, because this is a kind of payment for the perfect result and the learning process.

Cast marble baths: manufacturing algorithm

The technology for making baths from cast marble generally involves several steps:

  • preparatory work, formwork. Giving a beautiful shape to the product is an important component in the work of every professional and novice builder and designer;

  • preparation of a special composition consisting of different mixtures. This stage involves not only a selection of all blended components, but also the coloring of the raw material in a suitable color;

  • Filling - the process is quite complicated and is made by special technologies. With the help of vibrations, the form is ideally filled and the solution with the correct density is seated;

  • drying the mixture. It is important to observe the appropriate temperature and humidity levels;

  • after complete drying, the bath is removed from the mold and subjected to mechanical processing;

  • at the end of the process it is necessary to let the finished product stand for several days in order to finally consolidate the quality of strength.

Compliance with all stages of the process play a key role in achieving the quality and durability of a bath of molded marble. Such a product, no doubt, will become a real luxury of the bathroom interior.

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