Sliding wardrobe in the hallway, living room and bedroom

Every year more and more people are striving for minimalism. And the matter is not in the number of things, but in the proper organization of the space in the room. This is especially relevant for small apartments. In such cases, the purchase of wardrobe - really, a great solution.

The advantages of the wardrobe

In the modern world there are many specialized workshops where you can order a high-quality wardrobe, which is ideal for your interior. You can also choose the quality of the material based on the budget and the desired shade of furniture. In this way you will get something really worthwhile and unique.

The undeniable advantage of this cabinet is its spaciousness. With proper design of the internal space, it will accommodate all things, even a large family.

In addition, if you think over all the necessary compartments and shelves, then no longer need any additional dressers or mini-wardrobes. And this, you see, is very convenient. By the way, in large rooms very often, the wardrobe is used to organize the whole dressing room.

Sliding wardrobe: types and their features

Before you buy a wardrobe, it is better to get acquainted with their main types, as this will allow you to choose the best option for your apartment or house.

Built-in closet

Built-in wardrobe should be chosen if you want to save not only space in the apartment, but also your budget. The fact is that such a construction does not have a floor, a ceiling and a rear wall.

That is, the main unit is made of very durable material, and inside there are all the necessary compartments and shelves. That is what makes the built-in wardrobe much cheaper than the cabinet structure. However, it is worth choosing it only if you do not plan to change the interior for a long time, since it will be almost impossible to move the cabinet.

Cabinet wardrobe

Unlike the previous version, the cabinet wardrobe is a complete piece of furniture. This means that it has not only the main unit, but also the ceiling, floor and rear wall. Such a design, if desired, can be moved or even transferred to another room. But when choosing, it is important to pay attention to its parameters, since it may not come to every room.

Corner wardrobe

If there is no ideal place near the wall for the closet, then you can purchase the corner option. This will help save space and use it for storage. Most often this variant of the cabinet is used to organize the space in the hallway or in a small rectangular room.

Sliding wardrobe in the hallway

If the area of ​​the hallway is quite large, then the most correct option is to put a closet there. The fact is that due to its spaciousness, you can easily put all the outerwear of your family there. Therefore, in the other rooms it will be much easier to organize the space.

Make sure that there is at least one compartment in the closet for storing the outerwear used in the current season. This is very convenient, since you do not have to clutter up the hallway with clothes. It is also very important that there is a special shelf for hats, scarves and gloves in this compartment. It is equally important to leave space for storing umbrellas, as well as creams and shoe brushes. By the way, there are special cabinets that have a separate compartment for shoes. This is very convenient, since you do not have to purchase any additional supports.

As for the design of the cabinet for the hallway, the most popular are designs with large mirrors. This is very convenient, since there is no need to hang up an additional mirror at the entrance. In addition, this solution allows you to visually increase the hallway space.

The hall in bright colors looks great in combination with a wardrobe with mirrors. This way the space looks much lighter.

Wardrobe in the living room

In the living room wardrobe very often becomes an accent in the interior. That is why there are many different beautiful options. For example, designs with frosted glass, a beautiful image or just a pleasant shade. The selection of such a cabinet should be given a lot of attention so that in the end it would look perfect with the general interior of the living room.

Yellow wardrobe certainly will not please everyone. But if you place the accents correctly, even such a bright design will look appropriate.

By the way, unlike the closet for the hallway, in the living room it is often not used to store clothes. Often it is designed for various equipment and appliances, books, documents or games, a mini-bar and even a safe. Such storage will protect important things from dust and thus allows you not to clutter up the free space in the living room.

Wardrobe in the bedroom

Often the design of the bedroom involves quiet shades that help to relax, forget about the problems and just dream. But still, some couples prefer to bring contrasting details to the interior. Sliding wardrobe for this ideal. Especially beautiful designs look from expensive materials with a coating of leather.

Not less often for the bedroom choose a wardrobe with mirrors to visually increase the space. However, not everyone likes this option, so we suggest to look at the matte or glossy versions of neutral shades. They will complement the interior well and will not stand out too much.

In any case, the main thing is to properly design shelves and drawers that are inside the cabinet. After all, it is very important to be able to put there not only clothes, but also bed linen or blankets and pillows.

The sliding wardrobe is irreplaceable in modern interior design. With it, you can easily organize the storage of things and the space as a whole. Due to this, the room will look much more spacious and free.

Do you have a wardrobe or do you prefer more classic options?

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