Stylish men's jacket: Trends of this season

Men can make purchases without thinking at all about how well the selected garments are in line with current trends. However, it is better to set aside some time to study popular trends and update your wardrobe with fashionable novelties. This is up to you, but we still recommend the second option and suggest starting the review with current men's jackets.

Fashionable men's jackets: main trends

Models with embroidered pockets

First of all, it is possible to say about such a jacket: at the same time strict and casual, it has a straight cut and at the same time rounded cut elements, made of high-quality material, but its edges are unprocessed. That is why, despite its conservatism, such models will bring enough chic and individuality into the men's wardrobe. If we talk about the right combination of things, then vivid examples from the collections of Yang Li and Sacai can be seen in the following photos.

Traditional classics: a modern look at things

The slightly adjacent silhouette of such jackets exquisitely emphasizes the line of a male figure, and neutral noble fabrics suggest a lot of interesting experiments with drawing up costume bows.

Interesting details, concise prints dilute the strict classical silhouette, allowing you to create even images in the style of casual.

Unusual neckline

Using atypical elements of cut, creative designers create truly unique and unique products. The most popular in the atypical design of men's jackets are the non-standard collar shape and the original neckline. Similar ideas were presented by Christopher Raeburn and Kilgour.

Leather Products

This piece of men's wardrobe is not only very practical, but also complements the image of stylish respectability. First of all, it concerns genuine leather, which many designers often replace with imitation. Nevertheless, natural materials men give more preference. The style of leather jackets, as a rule, of classic cut is semi-adjacent or straight. In the photo we see examples of designers Bally, Trussardi, Christopher Kane, Pal Zileri, Jeffrey Rudes.

Jackets Two

In the men's fashion this season, couturiers remembered about retro design. Taking the classic three for the base, they created something similar, but more stylish - they sewed a vest and a jacket from the same fabric. Pants in such a suit combination is an independent element, completely unrelated to the upper part by its texture and color. Jacket deuce can be combined with leather pants or jeans, like Trussardi and Antonio Marras.

Velvet Jackets

These models today at the peak of popularity. Famous designers advise wearing velvet jackets with absolutely any stylish trousers - the main thing is to observe the correct color combination of the bottom and the top, as well as to select suitable things for a complete bow - cardigan, turtleneck, shirt, and also harmonious shoes. By the way, in suits with velvet models at fashion shows, there were also sports shoes. This trend was presented by Oliver Spenser and Roberto Cavalli. Yes, you can really combine a velvet jacket with sneakers - such a bold experiment will mark your bright personality.

Short jackets

Shortened models are ideal for men tucked up and slim, and also require excellent quality and interesting trousers. A fine choice would be a Sandro leather jacket, Givenchy denim, a stylish Balmain jacket or Louis Vuitton velor jacket.


This sleek, simple, neutral color oversized jacket will be another fashionable thing in the men's wardrobe. Looks great on slender figures, giving the now fashionable volume to the overall silhouette. When choosing this type of blazers, listen to the advice of stylists: the larger the model, the more narrowed the pants should be.

Double-breasted jackets

From the point of view of style, this model looks flawlessly buttoned up. And the trends of this season offer a very extravagant design.

Jacket jacket

A warm flannel shirt is a popular thing for men’s wardrobe. This season, the designers once again decided to give a rather familiar thing a slightly unusual look, transforming it into a jacket-shirt, sewn from a woolen warm cloth. The cellular print remained unchanged in this reincarnation, but the shoulder silhouette has changed, becoming a rounded raglan.

Jacket in a cage

An elegant, aristocratic, noble and disposing plaid jacket is an indispensable attribute of every mod's wardrobe. If these qualities are in your taste, we suggest looking at the following selection from the collections of fashion shows to more accurately determine the trend that you like. Also, when choosing, pay attention to fashion trends in the palettes and the specifics of the picture.

Shirt jacket

Another collection of jackets, created on the principle of shirts. Such products are made of smooth thin fabrics, denim models are also found. The stylish combination of shirt jackets is rather unusual. Stylists advise to combine them with wide trousers made of materials that are opposite in texture to the top. So, silk fabric is selected for jeans, cotton fabric for satin, and wool for cotton.

Men's jackets: photos of new products

Designs unusual for jackets, designers boldly presented at fashion shows. This is a luxury option for those glamorous young people who have long been bored with the usual standards and classic stereotypes of images.

New ideas in creating a stylish bow: a leather vest over a classic jacket

Colorful drawing

Symbolic print

Photoprint in clothing design - a bright trend of the current season

Interesting solutions appeared not only in prints. One has only to look at the specific cut of jackets in the following photos, it becomes obvious - designers do not get tired to surprise with their new ideas, which can not fail to please the eternal seekers in creating creative bows.

Stylish elegance

Fashionable suits with men's jackets

All the presented trends suggest a variety of interesting models, among which every man can choose the one that best suits his personal taste and style preferences.