DIY wedding decorations

A wedding is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills in creating your own home decor. This event involves a huge amount of jewelry of all kinds of purposes, shapes and colors. Some of them require real skill and special materials. For others, suitable tools are suitable. This article offers several options for making jewelry from the second group.

Stunning Wedding Candle Holders on the Table

Candles - the decoration of any romantic event. For a wedding, they will become a symbol of warmth and light, which should accompany the young people all their life together. Candles will help to decorate the event in any style.

To make original and simple candlesticks, you need to spend quite a bit of time. Such decorative elements will attract the attention of guests and harmoniously fit into the wedding atmosphere.

To get started, you need to get a silicone gun, silicone chopsticks, sprigs of small size and thickness, tea candles and glasses of durable transparent glass. In each glass on the bottom is placed a tea candle. After that, each sprig must be smeared with heated silicone and gently press outside the glass. We do this with each following sprig until the glass is completely covered with an improvised mini-fence.

The result of this simple work will be unique products that will decorate the interior. Additionally, you can wrap each glass over the branches with a white ribbon and tie a small bow. This will add a candlestick solemnity and tenderness.

Painting of glasses: several current methods

Particular attention is paid to glasses, of which young people will drink. Often these glasses are transformed into a work of art with the help of sparkles, acrylic paint, ribbons and polymer clay.

Style "Confetti"

Charming peas on elegant glasses can create a festive mood. Depending on their color, such wine glasses can decorate any celebration. For the wedding ceremony is better to choose white, black, silver or gold color. If the wedding has its own color scheme, the circles can be the same shade with the main elements of the decor.

To create a pattern, you will need acrylic (contour) paint for drawing on glass. An alternative can be a marker for decorating dishes or ordinary nail polish. If you want to leave the glasses to memory and use them for their intended purpose, it is better to stay on acrylic, as it is more resistant to washing and does not fade with time. You will also need a stiff brush or pencil with a rubber band at the end. Cotton swabs and disks will help to correct the drawing.

Before starting work, the surface of the glass should be thoroughly degreased and dried. A small amount of paint is extruded onto a flat surface. Further, using any of the tools, you can put points. For convenience, hold the glass upside down. A brush, a cotton swab and a pencil eraser leave circles of different diameter. Therefore, with their help, you can create different combinations and patterns.

Points can be straight lines from the bottom to the top or surround the glass around. It is important to leave a few centimeters from the edge so that the paint does not fall into the mouth when drinking beverages. After applying the pattern it is important to give the pigment to fully dry. Paint for dishes requires a special method of drying: put the glasses in the oven and heat to a temperature of 1500, after which the wine glasses should cool the only way. If a marker was used for staining, then you just need not touch the drawing for 24 hours.

Glass painting

Another way to decorate glasses is to turn them into small exquisite flowers.

To get started, you need to prepare cotton pads, sticks, a means for degreasing surfaces, synthetic brushes of different sizes, a palette, a plastic plate, acrylic paints for painting glass, a marker, glitter.

You need to start with degreasing the surface of the glass. Further in a plate colors mix up to creation of the necessary shades. More delicate colors, suitable for the decoration of wedding glasses, are obtained by mixing colors with white. Using a cotton swab or brush, apply to the bottom of the glass outside the stamen. They may be black or yellow.

Since the flower will be multi-layered, you must first give the first layer to dry. The next step will be the application of veins, after which you can draw flower petals.

At the end, the pedicel and stem are drawn. After which the glass should be baked. To do this, it is kept in the oven for 30 minutes at 1500. This will fix the paint on the glass for many years.

This technique allows you to create works of art. Their quality will depend on the skill level of the author.

Heart of felt roses

The heart of fabric roses can become a central decorative element in a wedding hall. To get started, you need to take a cardboard, glue gun, a suitable fabric, pencil, scissors. For the flowers themselves, it is better to choose a thin felt of the desired shade.

From felt, you need to cut a large number of circles with a diameter of about 5 cm. After that, you need to take 2 parts, put them together, overlapping in the middle. Then both parts simultaneously fold in half.

The resulting structure must be twisted into a dense roller. As a result, the inflorescence of rose petals is obtained from above.

Next, on the pre-cut form of cardboard you need to stick the resulting flowers. To do this, they smear the bottom with silicone, heated in a special gun, and tightly spread on a cardboard heart. The result will be velvet surround panels for the solemn decoration of the room.

There are many decorative elements that will help make the wedding brighter and more fun. Making them with your own hands, you can save a significant amount and invest in your holiday atmosphere your warmth and soul.

The decoration of the ceremonial hall with its own hand can be a great gift for the young. In order for decorative items to be of high quality, it is recommended to attend art courses or workshops on decoupage.

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