Fashionable manicure "cat's eye": an impressive design 2018

Manicure "cat's eye" has recently been appreciated by fashionistas. Tired of monochrome matte surfaces and similar patterns, they found a new way to decorate their nails, attracting the depth of color and a variety of shades.

The advantage of the "cat" manicure lies in its versatility and simplicity. Saturated iridescent tones are complex only at first glance. Each girl can create such a design on her own at home.

How to make a cat-eye manicure

To create a "cat" manicure you will need a varnish containing small metal particles. You will also need a magnet, but not ordinary, but a special one, which is capable of creating a three-dimensional pattern on the surface of the nail plate.

The print of each magnet is individual, with the purchase you can choose the most suitable for you and make not only the usual horizontal stripes, but also create unique patterns with colors or abstractions.

To begin with, apply varnish on the nail, after a few seconds, bring a magnet to it. Particles contained in a special coating will interact with the magnetic field, creating a pattern on the nails.

You can buy additional magnets and work on your nails at once with several, getting amazing nail art with diagonals, stars or waves at the same time.

Manicure "cat's eye" gel varnish

Using this new technique of nail design, masters prefer dark shades, which favorably emphasize the depth of color. Great looks manicure cat in green with malachite effect, wine tones, dark blue, chestnut color, black and gold.

Particularly interesting manicure looks in cherry, plum and purple. These are the most popular shades of the current season.

Manicure "cat" eye gel has a special plastic and dense structure. The color palette of gel polishes is much wider than conventional decorative coatings, besides, they are saturated with special pigments, which makes the manicure so unusual and attractive. The undoubted advantage of gel polishes in increased resistance - up to 20 days.

The process of creating a manicure gel lacquer is almost no different from the usual coating, however, it will require LED-lamp, necessary for the full drying of the gel.

Manicure "cat" eye with design 2018

Thanks to pigment particles, "cat" manicure looks great and without additional decoration. However, the fantasy of the girls pushes them to constant experiments, the result of which are unique nail art with prints, rhinestones, paintings, etc.

Manicure gel varnish with painting

Now, not only experienced craftsmen, but also simple women of fashion can draw a real masterpiece on their nails. All you need is a regular thin brush. With the help of it, geometric patterns, thematic prints, monograms, lace, and patterns in origami style are applied to the dried surface of the nail.

Most often, this uses a transparent thick top that looks impressive on the matte surface of the nail. It is important that the drawing does not stand out from the general design, but be its harmonious part, which is achieved by using similar shades of lacquer.

Manicure with drops

This design is incredibly easy and looks just amazing. This is a great thematic option for spring and autumn manicure. To perform such nail art, it is necessary to cover your nails with a matte top and dry it with the help of an LED lamp. After that, chaotically apply large drops of a transparent top on the surface of the nails and immediately place your hands under the lamp so that the drawing does not spread.

"Cat" manicure with microbits and rhinestones

This charming and incredibly popular design will perfectly fit into a festive look. In addition to the iridescent varnish, the nails are decorated with patterns made of rhinestones, bouillons, microbeads. You can independently lay out the necessary pattern from rhinestones or use sets with ready-made patterns for inlay.

Manicure "cat's eye" with painting on wet gel polish

Pigment particles of magnetic gel varnish are quite malleable during the application process. This property of nail masters is used to create the most incredible drawings and patterns.

To create such a manicure, it is necessary to apply a special gel polish with magnetic particles on the nail and on the not dried surface draw the necessary pattern. This is done with the help of brushes of various thickness and other manicure tools. The choice depends on the pattern and the desired result.

A wet manicure looks fascinating and stylish, besides, every girl can do it, in whose arsenal there is a UV manicure kit and several varnishes with magnetic pigment.

To begin with, black gel polish is applied in 2 layers on the nail, but the latter does not need to be dried. Drops of a magnetic varnish in the form of a pattern are dripping on it, with the help of a fine brush the pattern is corrected, glare is set, rhinestones or microbeads are applied. After that, the result is dried in the lamp and fixed top.

Manicure "cat's eye" with monograms

The combination of pigment varnish and monograms can be called a classic of modern nail design. Every season the masters invent new versions of this ornate pattern, making the manicure more and more beautiful.

Monograms are applied top on the dried surface of the magnetic varnish. Try to apply the decor elements alternately, otherwise the monograms can spread and ruin the entire design.

New Year's cat-eye manicure

Holiday manicure - it is always bright rich colors with the obligatory presence of sparkles, sequins and other sparkling elements. Magnetic varnishes are best suited for creating New Year's art, as they already contain the necessary pigments and glitter.

Manicure is performed in three basic shades: red, blue and green. These are traditional colors for special occasions that look attractive and festive even without additional decoration.

Rhinestones, unusual patterned magnets, velvety coated elements are used as decoration for the New Year's cat's manicure.

The most popular girls use broken glass technique. To do this, the nails are covered with magnetic varnish, accenting the middle and ring fingers with pieces of foil. They are neatly laid out in a pattern resembling a "stained glass" made of broken glass.

Simple tips on working with magnetic varnish:

  • Before starting to work with varnish, you must first shake the bottle so that the metal particles are evenly distributed over the liquid
  • apply magnetic varnish and apply a magnet on each nail alternately
  • the use of a magnet is necessary, without it you can not achieve the effect of "cat's eyes"

Ordinary decorative varnishes "live" their last days. They are replaced by more resistant, saturated, easy to use and versatile gel polishes and magnetic coatings. They allow girls to show maximum imagination and their own individuality in creating unique and unique nail art.