How to make a house for a cat with their own hands: 13 ideas

For each of us, the home is a cozy room, a warm home, delicious food, an intimate atmosphere, and for many it is also a favorite domestic cat that, like us, needs its own private nook. Of course, a beautiful house can be purchased at the pet store, but it's better to do it yourself, especially since we have 13 wonderful options with detailed instructions on the photo.

Solar tent

Anyone can make such a tent for a cat. You just need a bright T-shirt, a pair of wire and cardboard hangers.


So, prepare: a t-shirt, thick square cardboard, two wire hangers, adhesive tape, pins, pliers.

Cut off the ends (hooks) of hangers.

We make racks of hangers. For density and smoothness, we paste the cardboard with adhesive tape around the edges.

We make small holes (to hold the wire tightly) in each corner.

We cross the wire and fasten the top with scotch tape. Check that the legs of the stand touch the corners of the cardboard. Insert them into the holes.

Bend the ends of the wire on the reverse side.

For the convenience of movement of the tent glue protruding bends tape.

The frame is ready. Make sure the wire racks are symmetrical. Trim them with pliers if necessary.

We cover the frame with a T-shirt, folding it as shown in the photo below. T-shirt should be tight enough.

Put a soft pillow or blanket inside and present the new dress to your cat!

Cardboard tower

A construction made of layers of corrugated cardboard for a cat looks very aesthetic and unusual. Repeat after us and you will get the same!


Prepare a corrugated cardboard, cutter, pencil, compasses, glue, brush.

Draw circles

First of all, let's draw layouts of our cardboard discs, one above the other. The result will be 8 groups of 4 or 5 discs of a certain size. The sizes will depend on the size of your pet, but in our example the radii are as follows:

  1. 21.5 cm
  2. 21 cm
  3. 20.5 cm
  4. 20 cm
  5. 19.5 cm
  6. 19 cm
  7. 18.5 cm
  8. 18 cm

Cut out on drawn circles.

Base circles for the bottom
Now we form the basis of our house. We cut a solid disk with a radius of 21.5 cm (without a hole inside), then we draw more exactly the same 6 disks, but with a hole (we measure 4 cm from the edge in the same way).

We put the discs on a solid base.

We collect the pyramid.

We draw an entrance aperture
We measure the height of the opening and remove the extra tip. Draw the borders of the door. You can draw any shape.

On each disc, make a mark border of the opening.

Cut the door

On marked signs draw straight cut lines on the disks. It is important to determine their correct angle of inclination.

Collect the circles again

We glue the discs in the pyramid

Call the cat!

After the design is completely dry, equip a soft place inside and delight your beloved pet.

Luxurious sofa for an important kitty

How much can you take the cat's favorite place on the couch? Sew, finally, his personal one. And do not forget about the bows!

For work, prepare: warm fabric (in our example velvet), material for the bottom of the sofa, material for interior decoration, sintepon, scissors, threads, needles and a sewing machine.

Draw a layout. Sizes are determined by the size of the animal. The optimal width of the back is 20 cm.

The bottom consists of a dense fabric below, sintepon and velveteen above.

Sew the layers.

We cut the side. We sew around the edges, leaving one side unstitched.

Fasten the side cover to the bottom with pins first.

We fill it with synthetic fluff.

Sew a hole.

Now turn the pads for the sofa. We also fill it with synthetic fluff. If desired, make a patterned stitch around the edges.

We decorate the bed with ribbons or other accessories, for example, fish. We admire!

Cat in the pipe


To make a similar original cat house, prepare: a wood tube of the required size (available at a hardware store), acrylic paint, sandpaper, glue for wood, a ruler (or a measuring tape), a piece of foam rubber or soft fabric for interior decoration.


Measure and cut off the tube of the required size.

We cut a stand

We draw two straight lines along the tube at a short distance from each other.

We cut on the planned lines.

Thus, we get a rounded piece, which will serve as a rack for our house. Sand the roughness with sandpaper.

Sticking and painting

We paint the main structure and stand outside. After the paint is completely dry, thoroughly glue the rack to the house. Turn the design upside down and tightly clamp our stand to the base. Wait until the glue dries (it will take about 30 minutes).

Glue a piece of foam rubber for softness.

Cozy details

Cover the bed with a blanket, put a small decorative pad. You can also decorate it with curtains on the sides or hang a funny toy for the kitten.

Hanging cat house and shelves - the original composition

Such an unusual project will be a real highlight in your home. Now the cat house imitates a hanging shelf, and the real little bookshelves serve as steps for it.

We build a house out of ordinary wood plywood, cutting out a doorway and a small window in the shape of a cat's face.

But the most creative element of the composition is the bridge from the cable! It is made of cut strips of birch plywood and gaskets connected to the cable. We buy it in a store with appliances. Also useful cable clamps and clips for fastening. For cutting use laser cutter.

The final touch - mats on the roof of the house and on the steps-shelves. They are fastened with building glue.

The cat in the bag!

And this project will show an interesting version of a cozy bed, which can be used in different ways.

Materials: thick felt fabric, bright fabric for decorative stars, 2 thread colors - in tune with the stars and the bag itself, filler, sewing machine, scissors, needle, measuring tape, cloth clips, compasses or round shape, pencil, paper, chalk tissue.

Step 1

Cut two circles for the bottom of the bag.

Step 2

Sew the circles, leaving a small hole for filling.

Step 3

Fill the bottom evenly with filler and sew the hole.
Step 4
Form the side walls. We make measurements.
Step 5
Cut a large rectangular piece.
Step 6
We fold the rectangle in half, and on the outside just below the bend we glue the decorative stars.
Step 7
We sew stars to one side with a three-ply thread (try not to sew both!)
Step 8
Fold the rectangle in half and sew the edges along the length. We turn out the bag on the reverse side, hiding the seam.

Step 9

Fasten the pillow to the bottom of the clips.

Step 10

Sew it to the sides.

A sleeping bag for a cat is ready. But the most interesting is the use options!

Option 1 - Cave

Option 2 - a cozy high sleeping bag

Option 3 - a compact chair

Luxury bed with columns

And we start with this ordinary table ...

... which we turn into a luxurious cat bed.

Preparatory work

The headboard for the bed will be the finishing plinth, which we cut to the desired size.

The tips of the columns will be made of antique figured pens.

Crib legs made of wooden blocks of pine.

Fasten them with screws and wood glue.

Finishing frame ready!

We paint

Add more beauty using a pink marker paint.

We put a beautiful mattress and call the main expert!

Awning for a cat

It's no secret that cats love boxes! Why not try to make it a real tent for your pet? The principle is the same as that of the “solar tent”.


We collect the box.

We disassemble the wire hangers.

Fasten the wire from the hangers to the box.

For strength, glue the edges to the box with hot glue.

Fix the top, wrapping it with the wiring.

It remains only to pull the shirt.

Turning an old sweater

A cozy and warm cat bed can be sewn from an old sweater. Prepare pins, a filler (for example, polyester), a pillow, a needle, threads and scissors.

Main source material

Sew neck, sew a transverse line between the sleeves (thus separating the back of the future bed).

Fill the back and sides with polyester.

Sew the cuffs.

Shove a pillow inside.

Sew a hole and fasten the sleeves to the base with pins.

Sew and remove the pins.

You can brag about the end result!

Two-story building

A full-fledged two-storey house can also be an excellent cat-house project. A minimum of drawing skills, good imagination and cardboard boxes in this case you will definitely come in handy. And a few more details - a knife (or scissors) ruler, pencil.

First we cut out the door and windows, then we construct the roof. We glue it to the frame and can be decorated!

Another idea for a funny cardboard cat house

Striped tent

If you have a cat "Matroskin" at home, make him such a tent. And then surely she and your whale will be like two pair of boots.

Comfort Cube

And this cube house is made of foam rubber, sheathed with beautiful fabric. The work is not entertaining, but the result is amazing!

More creative ideas for cat houses:

Feel free to experiment and implement unusual ideas in such an important project as a house for a cat. Believe me, not only the main owner, but also all the surrounding guests and family members will be delighted!

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