What will be the fashion for evening dresses in 2018

To wear an evening dress, there must be a reason. That is why the beauties of the whole world do not miss the opportunity to dress up in such an outfit for any suitable holiday.

In order to shine at parties and celebrations in 2018, it is worthwhile to study in advance the fashion trends of the coming period.

What do stylists offer

On the catwalks in the collections of formal dresses 2017-2018 most often there are laconic black and naive pink. Dresses are decorated with elegant lace and satin.

The second breath in the new season will receive the original combination of evening dresses with a jabot, regardless of whether it is a dress or a pair of trousers.

In 2018, designers offer a little move away from the aggressive style of vamp and emphasize the tenderness of the image of flying translucent skirts and voluminous cuffs. Also in the trend will remain the neckline of an unusual shape.

Contrasting combinations will be fashionable. Flying fabrics, assembled in multi-layer skirts, combined with massive accessories and shoes. Also, the image can be supplemented with tights in a large grid.

One of the trends of the season will be the continuation of the development of collections in the linen style. You can surprise the audience with the help of an evening dress in the form of a jacket oversized.

In the fashion bolero of velvet or heavy fur capes. Also, the image can be supplemented with a sleeveless jacket in a business style.

Sequins will not lose their relevance. Fully embroidered dress should have the simplest style and a minimum of additional decor.

Elegant glitter silk and satin

Silk and satin fashionable in the new season will help to make the image truly brilliant. With their help, you can easily repeat the image of Disney princesses from fairy tales.
Emphasize the tenderness of the ladies will allow pure shades of pink, peach, powdery shades and, of course, white color. Flowing lines and flying silhouettes are suitable for dresses made from such materials.

Among the evening ensembles, the ankle-length skirts in combination with tight silk blouses deserve attention. By analogy with the Greek tunics, designers suggest using for them crossed lines on the bodice.

Lace is always in trend

Lace can transform any outfit. Proper use of them will emphasize the sophistication and refinement of the image. In 2018, it is proposed to sew this material on translucent fabrics and imitate the illusion of a naked body under such a dress.

Original and interesting looks dense bodysuit, covered on top with a transparent cover of lace of the same color. A dress of a free cut is suitable for shy women. At the same time, more liberated persons can demonstrate all the advantages of their figure with the help of a tight-fitting lace outfit.

Knitwear and wool at special events

In peak light fabrics will be collections of evening dresses made of thick wool and knitwear. Such a heavy dress should have a maximum length and trapezoid shape.

To give alongside of romanticism and charm will help a deep cut on the thigh. If open hands are inappropriate, then you should choose a wide sleeve. This dress goes well with all sorts of lacing.

Color Trends

The trendsetters for evening dresses are not inclined to limit the color palette. Among the recommendations are only a few positions.

If the evening set consists of a fitted top and a fluffy skirt, then it is better to choose elements of different colors. Shades should be contrasting. It would be ideal if the texture of the fabric is different.

In the trend as always pastel colors:

  • peach;
  • powdery;
  • muffled coffee;
  • ashen shade of pink;
  • light shades of coffee;
  • subdued purple.

If a cape or a velvet jacket was chosen in the dress set, then their color should be bright: lemon, red, blue. You can also use a cape with an animal print of unusual colors.

If you want to emphasize the high price and elitism of the dress, then it is recommended to use noble shades of precious stones. Also at the peak will be deep tones of burgundy, lilac, marsala, wine and black.

Flying fabrics look better in delicate shades. It can be turquoise, light green, pale gold and pink.

If the dress code allows for a brilliant dress, then you should pay attention to the chameleon fabrics. Commonly used combinations of silver and gold, purple and blue, green and gold.

Body colors for an elegant look.

One of the fashionable hits in 2018 will be evening dresses bodily shades. Tight dress, repeating skin color, will attract attention and look seductive. If you choose the nude shade correctly, you can emphasize the color of hair, eyes and skin.

Almost every style of an evening dress will look spectacular in shades of beige. For example, a lush skirt of numerous petals will be an elegant addition to the image of the princess. Multi-layered flesh-colored chiffon will also help achieve the desired effect.

Satin waves of nude hues can give their possessor a divine radiance. Look great coffee tunic free cut from satin. A sheath dress requires its owner to opt for a darker beige shade. This approach will provide alongside a noble look.

Open shoulders: hitting the target

Most of the images of princesses at the ball are associated with bare shoulders. Nothing looks as touching and defenseless as bare arms and shoulders. The girl in such a dress will undoubtedly attract the attention of the prince, who will immediately want to protect and warm her. At the same time, this style does not differ provoking sexuality.

Dress with bare shoulders will be relevant for any celebration. Any style can be made more tender with such a detail. The girl immediately becomes graceful and fragile in the eyes of others.

For shy women, models that hide only a part of the shoulder with lace or transparent fabric are suitable. An alternative can be dresses with thin straps.

In 2018, the stylists did not offer fashionable women anything fundamentally new. All classic models are still in trend. One thing remains important: the combination of shades and cut with the personal characteristics of the fair sex.

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