Fashionable brown dress: 70 ideas for a business and evening look

Brown is one of the most versatile shades in clothing. It is ideal for everyday looks, looks quite restrained and formal. Brown belongs to a warm palette, so it looks great on girls-brown-haired, brunette with a copper shimmering hair, red-haired and blondes.

Fashionable brown dress: current styles and shades

This season in the trend of short models of brown dresses. For many, short outfit above the knee is associated with school uniforms, so a white lace collar will be the perfect complement to this look. This combination will be just a hit office or everyday style. The highlight of the stylish look with a brown dress is snow-white details, so choose models of a simple straight silhouette that will not distract attention from the decor.

Brown midi dresses look great in an office setting. Look at the elegant and feminine style, which consists of two parts: a narrow chocolate-colored skirt with a high waist as the bottom and a light chiffon blouse of a light brown shade with long sleeves.

Long brown maxi dresses do not lose popularity. This outfit is most often represented by evening models, made using expensive satin fabrics and dense textured materials.

The brown color palette is quite extensive: from dark beige to shade "bitter chocolate". The color of the dress is chosen depending on the season: light colors are preferable in spring and summer, dark shades of brown are convenient and practical on overcast and frosty days of autumn and winter.

Brown casual dress: stylish outfit for every day

Casual styles of brown dresses are distinguished by comfort and simplicity. Designers offer many models for completely different styles. So in the trend of the last seasons short dresses made of brown leather or models with leather inserts on knitted, wool or knitted products. This style is preferred by self-confident ladies who know a lot about modern fashion trends.

The dress shirt, complemented by a thin strap, is a favorite model of girls who prefer convenience and simplicity. In the trend of the model with short sleeves, with patch pockets, stand-up collars. Such an image will look great on lovers of military style.

A feminine brown dress with small white polka dots is suitable for creating a romantic look. This style was popular in the 50s, when girls sewed themselves gorgeous outfits with a wide flared skirt, open back, cross-bodice and wide straps.

The brown color itself is very close to nature, so it is often complemented with various animalistic prints, elements of ethnic style, for example, fringe, flat wooden rings in the middle of the bodice, large embroidery.

Brown evening dress

Even the simplest style of a brown dress will look harmonious and appropriate in an evening look. It is enough to choose the right accessories and shoes. Here you can afford bright and catchy options to focus on a strict and uncluttered brown dress. You should not overload the evening bow with bulky accessories, bracelets on your hands, necklaces and beads will be enough.

In the solemn image of young girls who are not afraid to look catchy and elegant, it will look great multi-layer chiffon dress in the Greek style. Look at the models with a drop bottom with an embroidered hem embroidered with shiny rhinestones. This outfit perfectly combines beige gladiator sandals, golden clutch and massive bracelets.

As for the color palette, for the solemn evening light shades of brown are preferable. Pick up a light jacket, a cape or a long cardigan several shades lighter than the dress under the open cocktail dress. Beige outfits in the evening set are able to refresh the image, give it an aristocratic charm.

Brown office dress

Dresses laconic cut were specially created for the office dress code. But if the outfits of gray or classic black look dull and ordinary, then the brown version will add a bit of femininity and personality to the business look.

Optimal style for office - midi dresses, with long or ¾ sleeves, without additional elements. Stylish and businesslike look models with a smell, with a small print or in a cell, dresses with a deferred collar. To refresh your look, add a mustard or red leather belt to this dress.

What to wear with a brown dress

In the classic presentation, the best addition to the brown dress are accessories and black shoes. Indeed, this combination looks great in a business style dress. It should be preferred to catchy textures - black patent leather shoes or belts. This will help get rid of the excessive darkness of the image.

In evening dress with a brown dress can not do without a noticeable and bright accessories. Stylish and festive look addition in the form of red shoes with heels. Do not forget about the bracelet or necklace the same color.

The most successful combination is brown and beige. Choose shoes, handbags and a scarf of light shades. The combination with a brown dress will help to create a calm and at the same time elegant look.

Even accessories of catchy and flashy colors can be easily combined with brown dresses. So, leopard print shoes, clutch, belt looks great in combination with a dress of bronze color.

Brown dress - a great solution for a basic wardrobe. It will help you out in everyday looks, when you need to wear something simple and comfortable, in evening dresses, where you need to make an impression with your refined and noble look, in office bows that need bright transformations. If your wardrobe does not have a brown dress yet, then it's time to make yourself this valuable gift.

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