Fashionable shellac manicure: 80+ best spring ideas 2018

The fast rhythm of modern life does not allow women to devote themselves entirely to caring for themselves. In addition, each girl should look at 100%. First of all, hands need constant care. They are always in sight, and therefore must be well-groomed and irresistible.

Shellac is a great way to give your marigold an excellent view, while spending only half an hour a month.

What is shellac, how much is held and how to apply

Shellac is easily confused with the usual varnish, apparently they do not practically differ. But in fact, this cover is something completely different. Shellac is much stronger than the usual decorative coating, it looks much more attractive, and most importantly keeps on the nails much longer.

The technique of applying shellac is also different from the usual coatings. If ordinary varnish dries quickly in the open air, then for manicure with shellac you will need a special UV lamp, a large variety of which is presented in manicure stores.

Shellac has a “smart” pliable structure that is self-aligned when applied to the surface of the nail. This allows you to get rid of the strips and divorces that cheap and low-quality varnishes "sin".

Trendy Shellac Nail Design: Spring 2018

Shellac manicure is the procedure most often performed in the salon. This is how to achieve proper care of the nail plate and cuticle, excellent application and consolidation of the result. What kind of manicure to perform with shellac so that your nails look attractive and fashionable in spring 2018? Read all about it in our review.

Manicure shellac mirror spring 2018

If the french and moon manicure you have already become boring, then pay attention to the growing trend of the last season - a mirror design. It looks especially impressive on oval shaped nails and almonds. The unusualness of such nail art is the use of a special coating that visually resembles a mirror or a polished metal.

In nail shops you can find varnishes with a golden, blue, brown or silver base. Visually, it creates the feeling that the red-hot metal froze on your nails and evenly covered the nail plate. "Metal" varnishes can be distinguished line "smile", the radical hole, or make them part of the design. In any case, the glossy surface of the nail will look amazing and accurately attract the attention of others.

Manicure shellac spring 2018 with acrylic sand

It is possible to muffle too obvious gloss of a glossy varnish with the help of acrylic sand. In spring designs gentle pastel colors should prevail, unless of course, we are not talking about evening manicure or nail art for special occasions. In such situations, use deep dark shades of both varnish and acrylic powder.

Sand shellac 2018 allows a variety of combinations and colors. Acrylic sand is applied to the finished base, sprinkling grains on the surface of the nail with careful movements. It is not recommended to cover the finished manicure with the top layer, otherwise the design will lose an attractive velvety.

The effect, which gives acrylic sand is difficult to achieve in some other ways, so such a textural design will be especially in demand among women of fashion in spring 2018. Remember that it is rather difficult to remove shellac with sand from the surface of the nail, so do not damage the nail, consult a specialist.

Manicure shellac cat's eye: the best ideas of spring 2018

The appearance of varnishes with magnetic pigments created a real sensation in the nail industry. They allow you to create stunning designs with a "cat" eye. With the help of a special magnet and a special structure of lacquer, a magnificent manicure look is achieved, which really looks like deep cat eyes.

Initially, magnetic pigments were added to ordinary varnishes, but with the advent of shellac with the effect of a cat's eye, such a manicure became indispensable for most fashionable women. This is not surprising, a stylish and attractive look of marigold, which lasts for more than a month, is a real find for busy young ladies.

Design shellac spring 2018 with drawings

Modern nail designs rarely do without drawing and other decorations. To create a stylish nail art, they use such achievements of the nail industry as lacquer liners, stamping, pigments, foil, rhinestones, "eggs".

To create an attractive manicure with a patterned shellac, a special water-based CND coating is used. At the same time, the drawing is easily applied to a colored or monochromatic base coat and fixed with a layer of top.

Manicure shellac for short nails: spring 2018

Short nails are still the main trends of spring 2018 and not only. Even in a limited space, girls manage to place original patterns, use acrylic sand, velvet or rhinestones.

In the spring of 2018 several areas will be relevant:

  • gentle manicure of body and pastel shades
  • design in rich dark colors
  • bright colorful nail art, characteristic of the spring season

The presented shades can be used to create a classic French manicure, which, as you know, looks spectacular on short nails, moon design with negative space, mirror nail art with rubbing or foil.

Especially worth noting is the geometric manicure, which, with proper composition, can visually lengthen the nails and make the fingers more elegant.

Trendy colors of shellac: popular spring 2018 ideas

In the spring of 2018 pastel colors will be the most relevant trend. Delicate and light shades of pink, fawn, beige, creme brulee, dusty rose, soft blue, baked milk and others will look especially attractive in shellac. In combination with nude make-up, you will achieve a romantic and relaxed look with mysterious notes inherent in every girl.

Manicure with shellac in all shades of khaki does not leave the leading position. Use the most bold colors from pale sandy to brownish green. Alternatively, too aggressive khaki can use olive color. Strict and sometimes cold shades of khaki need to be diluted with decor with fine shiny pigments, rhinestones or stamping.

No spring season is complete without bright and rich manicure shades, which fashionable women rush to put on their marigolds after restrained and dark colors of winter design. Saturated colors energize and give a good mood.

Stylish manicure shellac spring 2018: popular trends of the season

The motto of the coming season - comfortable and fashionable designs on the nails of natural length. Since short nails do not attract special attention to the manicure, you should stock up with original ideas for design and constantly implement them.

Among the most current trends of spring 2018 in manicure, shellac it is worth noting:

  • partial coating - looks especially effective in the French jacket and moon manicure, when only a “smile” or a radical hole is emphasized, and the rest of the nail remains empty
  • matte finish in combination with gloss
  • gradient manicure in gold and gray
  • use of metal iridescent any shades

In addition to the main trends, floral, geometric prints, classic versions in plain white, red or black are still popular, dots, stamping patterns, rhinestone ornaments, bouillons, and eggs.

Once having tried manicure with shellac, you will never return to the usual coating. The stable structure of shellac for a long time will free you from the need to constantly monitor the appearance of nails and the absence of chipping and scratching. Combine the advantages of shellac with an attractive design and you will get trendy and fascinating nail art that will delight you for a long time.

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