Wrap skirt - an original element in the creation of fashionable images of 2018

Fashionable world designers have included a wreath skirt in their new collections, thus turning it into a trend of the new season. With the help of such a garment, competent stylists transform female figures. Pencil skirt emphasizes feminine lines and visually pulls the silhouette. Other models with the help of extensions in the right places adjust the proportions of the body. The length of the wrap skirt also varies at the discretion of its owner. Original look like a mini-skirt, and maxi to the floor. The full lady will be decorated with a straight skirt of dense material. The vertical smell in this case will draw a line that can visually make the figure slimmer. Another advantage of such things is their ease of sewing.

The benefits of wrap skirts

In addition to the pluses already described, it is worth highlighting the increased comfort from wearing such a thing. The wraparound skirt does not hinder movement and does not require special skills, as is the case with narrow long skirts. With the help of the smell, you can emphasize the line of the hips or narrow waist. It all depends on the fit of the product. Such features have turned the once forgotten element into a new season chip.

If we talk about short skirts with a smell, then you need to clarify that it can open to outsiders a little more than what its owner would like. For such models it is necessary to use methods that do not allow the floor of the skirt to swing open at an inopportune moment. These can be buttons, hooks or buttons. The length of the midi is designed to emphasize the elegant curves of the female figure. Depending on its length, the skirt highlights attractive ankles, beautiful knees or elegant calves.

For the summer, such a skirt is simply indispensable. It allows the skin to breathe and demonstrates the seductive parts of the female legs. Wrap skirt should be in the beach wardrobe of every beauty. After all, there is nothing easier than a single movement of the hand to untie the strings and expose the tanned body on the beach. Cold weather also does not become a barrier to wearing a wrap skirt. For the cold season, choose a model of thick fabrics, under which wear tights or plain leggings. This skirt looks great in the ensemble with a sweater.

How to choose the skirt with the smell

To choose the perfect wrap skirt, you need to make sure that it not only does not spoil the image, but also helps to visually improve the shape. If the flounces are attached to the smell itself, this will help add volume to this area. For full ladies, a slightly flared midi length model will do. If you need to add height, then you should pay attention to the model with a bright border and diagonal contrast lines.

Trapezoid skirt visually compensates for too narrow shoulders. If a lady is not satisfied with her legs, then for her the best option is max length. Even the opening hem will not be able to demonstrate what the fashionista is embarrassed about. In addition, this length leaves intrigue.

Popular styles of wrap skirts

The most popular model for many years remains a straight skirt. The smell makes such a simple cut more interesting and original. The most suitable in this case, the length to the knee. Another popular model is the tulip skirt. This style allows you to draw attention to the hips. You can choose between a high and a low fit skirt. This cut will allow large ladies to adjust the hips. If you choose a model at the waist, it will emphasize its elegance.

The flared sun is one of the most feminine and elegant styles of skirts. Its main purpose is to create a harmonious silhouette for girls with a heavy lower part. In addition, the style emphasizes a thin waist. The length of the skirt can vary in the widest range. To make the model look spectacular, it needs to be made from flowing heavy fabrics. Various decorative elements will be appropriate here: flounces, ruffles, fringe. Among the trends of the season is checkered flared sun.

A practical and comfortable model has become a skirt-shorts. Beautiful legs can be dressed in short shorts. An alternative would be the length just below the knee. Longer models gave a separate name - the skirt-pants. It also has high rates of versatility. The smell on these models gives them uniqueness and originality. Depending on the color and decor, these wardrobe items can belong to different styles. In the pants with the smell, you can visit a business dinner, office or a date, shorts are suitable for meeting with friends or going to visit. Among the decorative elements for such models are folds, pockets and darts. Skirts, pants and shorts will adorn ladies of any build.

The wraparound pencil skirt is notable for the effect it has on others. If such a model is also equipped with a smell, then enthusiastic comments to the lady are provided. The advantages of the model in a combination of sexuality and elegance. This style is combined with any tops and makes it possible to create a large number of all kinds of bows.

Skirts with strings are often referred to as a beach option. They are made of flying translucent fabrics with flowing effect. For sewing skirts, you can use silk, cotton, chiffon. Add the image of lace inserts and flounces. Analogy beach options are Indian style skirts. Most often they do not have size. On the hips, you can adjust the width of the skirt and the depth of the smell. The most popular prints for these models are ethnic patterns. The most expensive products are those, the drawing on which was applied by hand.

Also, wrap skirts can be asymmetrical, multi-layered, with and without drape, seamless, with buttons and even with imitation of smell. Each of the models can be of any length and be decorated with various patterns. Regardless of all these qualities, any wraparound skirt retains its numerous advantages and remains in the top trends of the new season.

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