Top 10 most beautiful breeds of dogs

Beauty is a subjective concept. Every living being is beautiful in its own way, every inanimate object has its own charm.

If we are talking about your own pet, then, of course, for the owner is the most beautiful. The list of the most attractive externally rocks presented below has very vague criteria for evaluating its objects. For the most part these are decorative breeds designed to delight the eyes of the owners and the people around them.

Yorkshire Terrier

Microsubs themselves attract attention with their tenderness and defenselessness. Yorkie is one of the representatives of the now fashionable decorative breeds. Such dogs are popular, beautiful and extremely expensive. In addition, the animal does not shed, which adds points to itself. Funny energetic dog immediately settled in the hearts of all the inhabitants of the house. Small size does not prevent the dog to be bold and ruthless when it comes to rodents and other small animals.

York requires careful care and regular haircuts. Such a pet will become a significant item of family budget expenses.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. In this animal, all the grace and refinement that a dog can possess. In addition to the obvious beauty, the dog demonstrates a gentle nature and sufficient strength to protect their loved ones. The dog is able to protect the home owners, their children and property.

Modern society in Switzerland now does not use a mountain dog for grazing. The animal has become a companion dog and copes with the task. Stable psyche makes the dog a great friend for children. Bernese Mountain Dog can hardly stand loneliness, so he will have to spend a lot of time.

Akita Inu

Akita Inu is one of the oldest Japanese breeds. She has an unstable temper and a wayward behavior. Nevertheless, the representatives of the breed have become extremely popular due to its luxurious appearance. This distant cousin of the Spitz introduced the elegance of long legs and aristocratic grace into the image of a fluffy lump.

Breed lovers know that beauty is not the only advantage of Akita. There are lots of other qualities:

  • dexterity;
  • strength;
  • courage;
  • devotion;
  • perseverance;
  • endurance.

It will take a lot of strength and patience to raise this animal. As a result, the owner receives a unique animal in its external qualities.


Doberman inherent brutal beauty. His body is a prominent muscle, shiny skin and graceful lines. Elegance here with power and strength. In the family, such an animal is a loving, affectionate and loyal friend.

Good mood changes dramatically if the animal feels the danger to their loved ones. He is able to demonstrate aggression, which becomes a frightening spectacle. A dog's mouth is full of sharp teeth, and the speed and strength will not allow the abuser to escape. This is an excellent bodyguard, which in combination can become an ornament.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer looks elegant and noble. This dog requires careful leaving and regular hair cutting. The dog has long graceful legs and lean body. This is enough to delight the eyes of the most avid esthete.

Together with the beauty of the owner of the dog will receive a cheerful energetic friend with a perky temper. You can also safely count on the security and hunting instincts of impressed. The raised animal will become a wonderful friend for children and a tender companion of their adult hosts.

Golden retriever

The proportions of the body of the retriever make the dog look extremely attractive. In combination with the soft elongated hair of golden hue, such a figure gives the retriever the opportunity to take a place in this rating.

Large size dogs should not be misleading. The dog is absolutely not aggressive and somewhere even naive. She easily converges with people, trusts strangers and becomes an excellent friend for children. You should not count on a retriever as a guard. He will not attack. All that can be expected from him in extreme situations is a loud barking.

Samoyed dog

Samoyed dog refers to likes. This is a cheerful animal that is distinguished by muscle strength and beauty. This breed is suitable for active people who are ready to play for hours and spend time with their pet. Samoyed quickly becomes attached to the owners and suffers alone. The dog has a special tenderness for children.

It is almost impossible to raise a guard or bodyguard from a samoyed. He reaches out to all who show affection to him. The most important thing for a dog is frequent walking and active games.

Alaskan malamute

One of the first places in the ranking of the most beautiful dogs should take Alaskan Malamute. The appearance of this stately animal is fascinating. They can admire while he sleeps or frolics for a walk. The dog resembles a wolf with beautiful bottomless eyes and luxurious fur. In his appearance there is the sophistication and elegance of a purebred dog mixed with the power and belligerence of a wild animal.

Despite such a mysterious and awe-inspiring appearance, the dog demonstrates openness to communication and friendliness. In this case, if necessary, the animal exhibits the instincts of a fighter and a hunter. He can attack the aggressor and cause him tangible injuries. A competent approach to raising a puppy will give the family a good guard and friend. It should be remembered that the lack of exercise can cause serious damage to the mental and physical health of the animal.

German Shepherd

A well-groomed German shepherd is a magnificent sight. No wonder there are so many fans of the breed in the world. The sight of a proudly waving dog next to the owner is fascinating.

Shepherd's popularity lies not only in its aesthetic qualities. Such a dog is an assistant, friend, companion, guard and even an employee. It can be used in various areas of life. Not for nothing, the police prefer to train representatives of this particular breed. German Shepherds are obedient and executive. These qualities, combined with a lively mind, give the society excellent search engines and watchmen.

For a normal life shepherd requires regular walking and physical activity. Do not forget about the natural instincts of the dog. In times of danger, which the dog feels in its own way, it can attack a stranger or another animal. To all new people, the dog is hostile, since the essence of the breed contains the spirit of protector.

Siberian Husky

Another indisputable handsome man in the ranking is the Siberian Husky. Fluffy dog ​​demonstrates the dual nature of its nature. He is kind and gentle with members of his family and may show unexpected aggression towards strangers for no apparent reason. The blood of a distant relative - the wolf - plays a primary role in this.

Huskies are called upon to do physical work. Therefore, for the health and good mood of a domestic dog, you must regularly walk and allow it to run a lot. Only in this case, the animal will retain its natural endurance.

Any of the above breeds, as well as those who did not make the list, can show off beauty at the respective exhibitions. Experts will evaluate the animal according to the criteria that each specific breed implies. But the overall assessment of the appearance of dogs is still made according to the main aesthetic ideas about the beauty of lines, shapes and colors.

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