Haircut garcon - style, comfort, versatility

Women of all ages choose a universal and simple haircut. It is suitable for hair of any quality and shape of the face. Garson can be made both ultrashort and romantically elongated. Numerous styling tools will lay curls in any style and combine this hairstyle with the most original bow.

Garson haircut: performance technique

The basic principle of creating a hairdresser's masterpiece garcon is the use of the haircut “strand by strand”. Each curl is pulled from the base at different angles, and only after that it is cut off. Before the procedure, the hair should be wet, and it is better to wash it thoroughly.

The whole process can be divided into stages:

  1. Wet hair should be divided into the parietal zone, occipital and two temporal. At the back of the head with the help of direct parting, passing from the crown to the neck of the neck, two more zones are distinguished. From here you should start the process of creating a hairstyle form
  2. In this place, with a small horizontal parting, a strand about 10 mm wide is distinguished. It is pulled down to begin making out the border of the desired shape and length. When choosing the length you need to remember that after drying the strands will seem shorter, as well as the total length of the haircut. Kant can be oval or in the form of a crescent.
  3. Further on the way from the bottom to the middle of the head, you should increase the angle of the delay. If the first strand lay at an angle of 0 degrees, then at the extreme point of this zone, the curls are already drawn off at an angle of 45 degrees.
  4. In the mid-occipital zone, the angle can reach 90 degrees, but at the crown it decreases again to 30.
  5. To cut out the temporal parts, you need to pull the strands from the ear parallel to the growth of hair. All other curls on the temples are clipped by the method of graduation.
  6. Parietal hair is measured by the length of the last strand in the temporal zone. At the crown, there is a strand of half a centimeter, it is captured along with part of the hair from the temple and their length is checked. From this check mark, hair is cut to the forehead.
  7. Pulling the strands from the symmetrical parts of the head, it is necessary to verify their length for control. If the strands are not the same, then you need to make a correction.
  8. If a bang is supposed, then it is necessary to leave hair in advance. The thicker such a detail is supposed to be, the more hair must be separated.

Important stage: styling

The easiest way is to style the haircut with a hair dryer, a large round brush and foam. The shortest hairstyles can be done carelessly. For business women, a smooth styling with neat bangs or with no bangs is more suitable.

Longer hair cut according to the garcon technique will require more time and styling products. Should stock up:

  • hair dryer;
  • curling iron;
  • large comb;
  • hair spray;
  • foam.

Regardless of the length of the hair you need to pre-wet. Next, apply the foam. Beforehand, you need to dial it in your hands and rub it between your fingers. Careless styling allows simple drying with directional hot air from various directions. In this case, the hair will appear bulkier and thicker.

Longer strands need to be curled in isolation. If desired, you can select smaller strands. In this case, the styling will be different from the one that is formed by large curls. In any of the options bang better to leave straight. Styling will be ideal only in the case of regular care and monthly correction of regrown hair.

Options with bangs

In the question of the choice of bangs, we can safely say that the garcon allows you to use any form. It looks equally impressive with both short ragged strands in the upper part of the forehead, and with thick volumetric bangs. Here, the decisive factor is only the face shape of the owner of the haircut.

The round and square face will become even wider from smooth thick bangs to eyebrows. Here, asymmetric options are best. Oval face allows you to use any shape. This is an endless field for experimentation. Long bangs, which significantly exceeds the length of the haircut itself, looks a bit hooligan. But a smooth haircut and the use of styling tools can make the image very elegant and adapt it for an office employee.

Do not forget about the fashion trends of the season 2018 - coloring bangs. Youth images allow bright colors and contrasting combinations in a hairstyle. Business style organically looks with bangs, lightened only a couple of tones. In addition, it is recommended to properly combine the texture of the hair. If the haircut is framed with torn milled strands, then a smooth, smooth bang will not fit into the bow. And vice versa: smooth transitions from level to level in a haircut will require the same neat bangs. If desired, with the help of styling products you can always "smooth" a torn fringe or ruffle a smooth one.

Extended garcon

We should also talk about haircut garcon, made on long hair. This is not the conventional notion of long hair, when it reaches shoulders and below. Just in this case, the conversation is not about ultrashort haircut. The principle of the hairstyle remains the same, but the curls usually close the ears and reach the middle of the neck. This option is suitable for those who want to grow hair or for some reason can not afford ultrashort hairstyles.

This haircut organically looks with coloring highlighting and coloring. The practice of the masters of hairdressing says that the curly hair should be approached somewhat differently. The steeper the curls, the longer the haircut should be. This should be remembered at the time of cutting the first control strand, which, when dried, will shorten its length and can completely change its appearance.

The versatility of the garcon is obvious. It is worn by young girls and mature ladies, owners of any shape in combination with a properly selected bang. Also the hairstyle will allow to use many types of coloring. The only drawback can be considered that this hairstyle should be regularly refreshed. But, on the other hand, it is wonderful, it is possible to add something new to your bow every month.

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