Tattoos on the leg for girls

When a glamorous tattoo on the leg accompanies a graceful female gait, it always evokes certain emotions. Expressive large-scale drawings, exactly repeating the smooth curves of beautiful female legs, will undoubtedly be the focus of attention of others.

So, let's get down to viewing the amazing photo gallery!

Filigree body geometry

The proportional plexus of the lines gathering into a single figure is the basis of most sketches for this kind of tattoo.

We draw a flower ornament on the feet

Natural drawings

The controversial snake tattoo has a changeable energy, symbolizing at the same time reason and temptation, life and death, envy and generosity

Art without limits

There are no boundaries for perfection! Experienced masters of tattoo on the female body, as if on a canvas, draw amazing plots

Charming mini-figures

Absolute symmetry

Artwork on the ankles

Very often girls choose butterflies for their tattoos, thus expressing their love of freedom, carelessness and fragility.

Now a chic bracelet can be worn without removing

Choosing the symbols of the sun and the month, the ladies want to express their superiority, while remaining feminine and unpredictable. The sun symbolizes eternity, wisdom, intelligence; month - peace and mystery


Light, airy feather personifies the delicate feminine nature. Symbolizes immortality, flight, timidity, spirituality

Tattoos in the form of various inscriptions and quotes look impressive, stylish and glamorous. If there are words that reflect your whole essence, why not capture them on your body?

Flying birds

The most attractive part of the body for three-dimensional patterns - women's hips. Having embellished this area with a luxurious tattoo, the girl will further emphasize her unbridled sexuality and grace.

Wise Owl

Bold girls fill mystical images, for example, in the form of a skull. However, for many this symbol is a kind of amulet.

Looking at the charming images on the legs of the beautiful half of humanity, it is curious to know what made them take such a heroic step? And there may be a lot of reasons. Someone just wants to emphasize in this way the natural beauty of the female body, someone is a fan of a particular religion and faith, and for someone tattoo is a symbol of a very significant event in life or a memorable date.

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