Women's fashion gloves: popular trends Fall-Winter 2019

Women's gloves - a very necessary thing in conditions of cool and frosty weather. How nice to dip your hands in a warm cloth or fur and protect them from the dank cold. Initially, gloves were designed to protect hands from the negative effects of heavy physical labor. Over the centuries, gloves have been refined and soon became an indispensable attribute of a winter women's wardrobe. They lost their former rudeness and became not only a way to protect the delicate skin of their hands from the cold, but also another opportunity for the girls to show their individuality and charm.

Women's fashion gloves: TOP trends of the autumn-winter 2019 season

Women's gloves have a very interesting story. There is a known period when the appearance in a society without a pair of gloves was considered a bad taste and a sign of poverty. Modern fashion is loyal to this element of women's wardrobe and more and more often draws the attention of fashionistas to their stylish design.

The main trend of autumn-winter 2019 - gloves, which are a harmonious continuation of the silhouette. Designers recommend choosing a pair in accordance with the main outfit and in tune with it. In addition, fashionable, stylish and relevant look gloves that texture and color correspond to women's handbag.

With all the variety of gloves, it is still in the trend of the classic black model of genuine leather. The length of the gloves is selected individually.

If we talk about the length as a whole, then a popular trend in 2019 will be models up to the elbow and above. Fashionistas have plenty to choose from. These are knitted gloves with a volumetric and ornate texture, leather and suede models. Below we take a closer look at each fashionable trend so that you can choose the most suitable model for yourself.

As for the color palette, in 2019 classic black, brown and gray tones are relevant. They are seriously competed by bright and saturated colors: blue, terracotta, burgundy, mustard.

In the new season, fashion design houses offer to complement women's wardrobe with long glossy gloves. In their opinion, such models are successfully combined with outerwear and exquisite cocktail dresses.

Fashionable leather gloves: long and warm models of autumn-winter 2019

Classic short gloves to the wrist - the wardrobe item that never goes out of fashion. This accessory should always be with you. Do not spare money on expensive high-quality gloves made of genuine leather, since models made of artificial leather will immediately present themselves with their appearance. In addition, they are short-lived and impractical. Choose the color of the product based on the shade of the outerwear. It can be terracotta, gray, black, brown models.

In the autumn-winter season of 2019, leather gloves lengthened noticeably, offering the girls stylish and incredibly beautiful long models above the elbow. You can wear long leather gloves with A-silhouette outerwear, models with flared and voluminous sleeves, with cocktail dresses, evening dresses without sleeves, knitted or fur sleeveless.

Knitted long gloves: cozy and stylish autumn-winter 2019 models

The variety of knitted gloves is simply impossible to describe. Each needlewoman owns dozens of different ways of knitting patterns on gloves, thereby creating unique patterns. If you have never picked up the needles, then look at the ready-made gloves that look no less stylish and interesting.

Knitted gloves are back in modern fashion, after the short-lived oblivion of the post-Soviet period, when knitted textures, especially hand-made, were considered a sign of tastelessness. Today in the trend of the model of thin lycra, cotton with viscose and other synthetic additives. This combination prevents the appearance of the pellet on the product.

On fashion podiums there are 2 options for wearing knitted long gloves:

  • fully fitting arms
  • models with voluminous folds on the wrist

When combining knitted gloves with evening dresses try to focus on the hands. To do this, choose an accessory with any shade that matches the dress.

In 2019, the trend of the model with volumetric knitting "braids", accessories, decorated with rhinestones and lace-up to match. In addition, look at the knitted models, combined with leather texture.

Stylish mittens of autumn-winter 2019: comfortable fingerless gloves for active girls

Mitts take the second place of honor among fashionable gloves after comfortable long accessories. Mitts - a modern and very practical invention, which gives absolute freedom of movement, warmth and convenience to perform everyday tasks, such as driving a car.

Hand-knitted mitts of unbleached wool with ornate Irish ornaments look elegant and stylish. Take a closer look at the models with fur decoration, decorated with rhinestones and other "brilliant" decor. Mitts perfectly fit the image with a knitted sweater, leggings and a hat in the same style.

Fashionable fur gloves of the autumn-winter 2019: we insulate to the maximum

A catchy and stylish trend of the season - fully fur gloves. This accessory is simply impossible not to notice, because it looks very unusual and comfortable.

Fur gloves look gorgeous with a fur coat, and not necessarily natural, and with a coat with a fur knob to match the accessory.

How and what to wear women's gloves in autumn-winter 2019

The task of long gloves - to show the refinement of the hands, so you should not combine them with outerwear with long sleeves, under which the accessory will simply not be noticeable. Combine long knitted or leather gloves with outerwear with sleeves "bell", cropped sleeves, with a coat without sleeves. At the same time, remember that gloves should be in harmony with the overall ensemble in texture and color. Only in this way will the whole look look stylish and attractive.

Stylists recommend wearing gloves with:

  • slinky dresses like knitwear
  • strict suits
  • fur vests or "dutoshami"

If the gloves are decorated with fur design, then they can be safely combined with other fur products. Long gloves look great miniature women's handbags and large bags, "bags."

Gloves should be in the wardrobe of every woman. Even in winter, when girls try to hide from the cold under their outerwear, the expression that the first people pay attention to is the hands remains relevant. Therefore, it is important that even on the most frosty days your hands are protected not only by warm, but also by stylish and fashionable gloves.