The stately tiger on a tattoo: plots, sketches, meaning

Most of those who put tattoos on their bodies want to stand out from the crowd. Images on the skin - this is a great way to convey to others around their view of things, their world view and principles. The conclusion about how important it is for the tattoo owner to share information with a wide range of people can be made by location of the tattoo, as well as by the obviousness of its value.

Most often, the value of the tattoo is interpreted on the basis of the characteristics of the depicted object. Therefore, the tiger has become one of the most popular scenes for the tattoo. Master of the jungle, he is endowed with power and strength. In a rage, the tiger is capable of killing and demonstrating tremendous power. The animal has become a landmark for the cultures of many countries. It is associated with grace, nobility and mercilessness towards enemies and victims.

Sketches for tiger tattoo

There is a wide selection of different tiger images. On sketches the predator can appear both monochrome and colorful. You can choose for yourself only an image of a muzzle with a grin or a part of an image with attentively looking eyes of an animal.

Whatever the plot of the image would be chosen, its quality is of paramount importance. All lines should be clear and bright. It is desirable that the size repeated the real tattoo that you plan to do. Selecting such a picture in a huge variety of options, you need to remember that to reduce it is not so easy and, most likely, they will enjoy the whole life.

The value of the tattoo on the body

If the decision to apply a tattoo is still made, then its meaning should be examined. Most often the image of a tiger is found on the male body. But modern fashion and the change of concepts have blurred the sexual boundaries and now the tigers have moved onto the female bodies. The most common interpretations of such tattoos have always been:

  • power;
  • grace;
  • power;
  • passion;
  • beauty;
  • strength;
  • ruthlessness;
  • rage;
  • dignity;
  • fortitude and other.

Most often, the tattoo is done in a prominent place on the shoulder. Pronounced alpha males who love to demonstrate their brutality, prick a tiger on his chest or back.

The versatility of the values ​​of such a tattoo creates a dependence on its location on the body. Among the meanings, positive and negative qualities coexist: cruelty with courage, bloodthirstiness with heroism, rage with wisdom. This can be seen as a struggle inside each person of the dark and light side. By the location of the picture and plot, it is possible to determine which side prevails in the tattoo carrier.

Among the plots most often there are stealing huge cats lying in the sun, licking their paw, hunting, hiding in the grass. In the composition with the dragon, the tiger symbolizes the feminine. If the animal has a dull color, then it personifies the dedication and perseverance of its owner. Such a person is endowed with an inner core responsible for the firmness of decisions.

If you choose a flaming tiger, then it will become a symbol of mercilessness to detractors. Also drawing means power and desire to control. If the master is to, at the request of the customer, put a white tiger on his body, then this means the desire to demonstrate his dissimilarity to others. The association comes from the real habitat of such tigers, where they are very rare.

Among Indians, it is believed that a large striped animal wandering through the jungle exudes calm and wisdom. But he can at any time show aggression. Therefore, such tattoos for the warriors of the tribe were held in high esteem.

The little tiger cub most often appears on the skin of women. In this way, they seek to emphasize their fragility and tenderness. Some unknowingly do not want to break their ties with their mother. This is evidenced by the image of a baby tiger on the body. It is also common for girls to choose subject drawings where the animal is depicted against a background of flowers, stones, the moon and other objects.

Also, the girls draw on their thighs a tigress symbolizing motherhood and the protection of the home. Female wisdom and pacification are those qualities that the owner of such a underwear pattern seeks to bring to the life of her family.

A tiger with a grinning mouth appears in the prison interpreters. It means anger at the representatives of the law. In addition, these tattoos symbolize the desire and desire to protect themselves and loved ones. The more aggressive the image of the animal, the more impetuous the character of the picture holder.

A good tiger tattoo should be large and detailed. Only in this case the drawing will be successful. If the stripes on the body of the animal are fuzzy, then the whole picture will be blurred.

Tigers in ancient cultures of different countries

The role of the subject in the culture of the peoples of the world often becomes the source of the interpretation of underwear patterns. Most historical references suggest that the tiger has always been honored for courage and determination. So in Asia, this animal, by analogy with a lion, is considered the King of beasts, which endowed him with relevant characteristics.

According to Chinese legend, there are five tigers, endowed with miraculous power, allowing them to protect the world. Some deities are depicted together with tigers, giving sacral meaning to animals. Also in China, it is believed that the tiger has the power to punish sinners and attacks only them.

On the Indian military emblems, a predator is depicted as a sign of military prowess. Thailand has chosen for itself other qualities of an animal - here the tiger symbolizes passion and sensuality. Japanese samurai representative feline brings good luck and happiness. Western culture does not pay so much attention to tigers, but references to them can be found in literature in connection with religion and gods.

A quality image of a tiger on the skin always looks aesthetically pleasing. The tattoo will be bright and memorable. The variety of plots and the ability to add to the sketch of any favorite detail makes such tattoos unique and original.

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