Permanent makeup (tattoo) eyebrows (55+ photos)

In 2017, special attention is paid to eyebrows. After all, properly painted and corrected eyebrows perfectly complement the makeup, as well as give the face freshness and expressiveness. But despite this, many girls still do not know how to properly care for them and select the appropriate form. For such cases, permanent eyebrow makeup is ideal.

Features permanent eyebrow makeup

There is always a lot of controversy and controversy around this procedure. But despite this, it still makes the life of many girls much easier. In addition, owners of blond hair can completely forget about tinting eyebrows. And this, you see, is a weighty argument in favor of the procedure. Nevertheless, before making an appointment, we recommend to understand some of the features of the tattoo.

Suitable shade

The choice of a suitable shade should be taken seriously. It depends on the appearance of your eyebrows. For fair-haired girls it is recommended to choose a gray-brown tone. In turn, brown-haired women better stop at brown-red shades.

Blondes fit light brown colors, darker than the natural color by 2-3 tones. Red hair goes well with a golden chestnut color, but it is very important that the eyebrows remain more "muted".

By the way, good masters never use black, as a result, it can give a blue tint. It does not look beautiful and not natural, sometimes it looks like a bad tattoo. Therefore, the wizard creates a complex shade, consisting of several colors. The result is a tone close to black, but it also looks natural and does not give a bluish tint.

Also, when selecting the desired color, a good master takes into account the fact that over time he will begin to lighten a little. That is why initially it is worth taking the color half a tone darker.

Thickness and shape

In choosing the shape and thickness of the eyebrows you need to be especially careful. Do not blindly follow fashion trends, because everything can quickly change. For example, thin eyebrows were earlier relevant. Today, they are considered tasteless, and many masters recommend making wide and thick eyebrows.

However, no one can guarantee that this trend will not change in a few years. While permanent makeup will hold for quite a long time. That is why we recommend choosing a suitable shape, length and thickness of the eyebrows based on the features of the face.

After the master selects the best option, it will be designated with a special eyebrow pencil. This is necessary so that you understand how the result will look and have the opportunity to correct something based on preferences. It will also assist the master during the procedure.

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Techniques

There are only three techniques, which we will examine in more detail and talk about their features.


The most popular and common is the technique of feathering. With its help, you can achieve the natural effect of a little tinted eyebrows. This is due to the gradient shading without clear boundaries.

As for color saturation, it depends only on your preferences. If desired, the master can perform the shading tightly and intensively or softly, without making too much contrast. It is worth noting that this technique creates a natural effect, so many do not even suspect that there is permanent makeup on the eyebrows.

Hair technique

This application technique involves drawing each hair. Sometimes for this purpose different shades are used, which helps to make a certain volume. In addition, this technique allows you to make eyebrows longer, hide flaws, if any, and also change the bend. It is believed that the best hair technician looks on dark and thick eyebrows. However, many masters use it in other cases.

The hair technique can be of two types: “European”, when the hairs are drawn in parallel, and also “Eastern”, with the help of which natural interweaving is created. Each of them looks beautiful, but still it is worth choosing it individually, taking into account the initial data of each girl.

3D permanent makeup

The combination of hair technique with shading is 3D makeup. This technique is not so popular, but many girls choose it. The cost of this type of permanent makeup is somewhat higher, as the number of consumables increases significantly.

Eyebrow care after permanent makeup

To the color of the eyebrows was really beautiful and uniform, it is worth paying special attention to care after the procedure. Note that the eyebrows may look too bright right away, and the skin may have a slight swelling. Also, for many girls, they can get wet, so you need to gently blot them with a special solution that your master will prescribe. Do not worry, since this effect will pass during the first day.

The next stage is the appearance of crusts. This is a natural process, so keep using the solution and never rip them off. If skin dryness occurs, you can use the cream for additional moisturizing. But purchase only the one that the master recommends.

A week later, the crusts will go away on their own, but it is at this time that the eyebrows cannot be touched, wetted with water and put makeup on them. All this can adversely affect their appearance after healing.

If you plan to do this procedure in the summer, then after the procedure you should definitely use sunscreen for a month. The final result can be assessed only after three weeks.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a fairly simple procedure that many girls do. But if you are still in thought, we recommend that you sign up for a consultation with a good specialist who will dispel all doubts.

And how do you feel about the eyebrow tattoo? If you tried, share your impressions.

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