Fashionable women's sports suits 2018. Trends and combinations

Women want to look good in all life situations. The craze for sports makes women spend a lot of time in gyms, where they also want to shine.

The sportswear industry did not miss the chance and took advantage of this female weakness. Now in the boutiques and on the shelves of specialty stores you can find hundreds of thousands of various models of sports suits.

Trends of the new season

Sportswear requires the manufacturer to adhere to quality standards. Not every company is ready to spend additional funds on the purchase of appropriate fabrics. Therefore, it is better to choose from suits of the middle and highest price category.

One of the trends in 2018 will be camouflage colors. This feature will emphasize self-confidence and perseverance of the lady who came to the gym. In addition, the colorful pattern will hide an as yet imperfect figure. You can choose classic colors: green, brown, shades of beige and black. The original will be camouflage with spots of pink, blue or red.

It looks interesting sports suit, where the upper part contrasts with the bottom. The jacket can be a deep dark color, and pants - a bright bright shade. It is only important to create a harmony of color solution.

Among the trends of the season - the creation of the ensemble independently of the pants and batch file-hoodie. Designers recommend to opt for a loose sports trousers and tight-fitting sweater. Such a set will look organic and not deliver discomfort to its owner.

Another trend - knitted sweatshirts. Unique things are knitted by hand from thin synthetic threads. Such a model can be decorated with all sorts of details in the form of a hood, pockets, buttons and locks.

Knitted sports sweaters is better to choose in pastel colors. Pure deep colors are also in fashion: black, blue, burgundy. The monotony of such things is welcome. The sweatshirt, knitted by hand, is combined with skintight leggings.

Also among the trends of the new season is the use of large fasteners, all kinds of lacing and other decor. Especially glamorous ladies will be able to diversify their wardrobe products with rhinestones and sequins. It is important to ensure that the decorative elements are well secured. Active movements during workouts and walks can damage the brilliant pattern.

Many fashion houses have adopted the style of their costumes from their pajamas. They differ from classical models in a free cut of all details and wide seams outside. In this suit, you can look stylish and feminine, despite the overall impression of the silhouette.

As the top of the tracksuit in the new season, the bombers moved from the past. These are loose short jackets on the lock or buttons, with a tight elastic at the waist. They can be worn with any pants, capri pants or shorts. Fashion designers offer many varieties of such jackets. They can be equipped with hoods, fastening sleeves, and also be bilateral.

Fashionable fabrics for 2018

Plush fabric will be an excellent material for creating a light and comfortable suit. Such clothes are suitable for the cold season or for training "OutDoor" in the early morning or late evening.

Most often, these costumes can be found in a single-color version: orange, blue, gray, light green and other bright colors. If desired, you can find plush clothing with a print.

Suits with loose pants are usually sewn from knitwear or pure cotton. In such a thing is warm and comfortable even in bad weather.

For the cold season, fashion designers offer suits consisting of pants, vests and windbreaker jackets. Such ensembles otshivayut of waterproof and windless synthetic fabrics. Often, such materials additionally have a special impregnation that protects the fabric from the manifestations of the external environment.

For comfort, you can choose suits, lined with fleece. This is a great way to give the owner comfort from the soft fabric inside and practicality from durable and waterproof - outside.

Originally looks like a velvet tracksuit. For such a product is selected durable synthetic fabric, soft and silky on top, and smooth inside.

Choosing a fashionable suit according to the type of figure

Some ladies began to play sports, not having obvious problems with the figure. For them, the choice of fashionable sportswear is not difficult. Here you can get short shorts and top. It is also recommended to combine tight leggings or capri with a short top or fitted T-shirt.

For girls without complexes, designers offer sets of tops that open the belly, and T-shirts of the same color. They can be worn simultaneously or separately from each other. Usually the top in this set has supporting properties that are important for ladies with mouth-watering shapes.

If there is only a T-shirt or T-shirt in the kit, then you should buy a sports bra, which will create the necessary compression in the chest area. This will help not to be distracted while training for the discomfort associated with an uncomfortable position of the chest.

Firms that produce sportswear at a professional level, offer their clients T-shirts and T-shirts with special inserts, allowing you not to spend money on a sports bra.

We should also talk about those who came to the hall to fight the flaws of the figure. They are fit free suits pajama cut. You can also use narrower pants, but combine them with loose mid-thigh-length tops or similar sweatshirts. Such a sports kit will ensure the comfort of movement and hide temporary imperfections of the body from prying eyes.

Owners of magnificent forms should be remembered that they can come to the aid of a competent choice of colors. Dark colors are known to visually make a slimmer figure. From the trendy colors in the new season, you should choose black, dark blue and dark plum.

You can use the hit of the season - a bright red hue. It is important to combine it with other deep colors. An intricate fabric print will also help mask the flaws. The same effect on sportswear is exerted by lines, contrasting with the basic shade, made of another fabric, on the hips, along the sides with an extension at the waist and along the entire length of the leg along the longitudinal seams.

Modern sports suits are presented in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is worth choosing those sets that best perform their basic functions: they provide comfort and freedom of movement.