Fashionable white lace dresses: the standard of femininity and beauty

No collection of world-famous designers can do without gorgeous lace dresses. This is a real hit of recent seasons, which is in no hurry to give up their positions to other images. Such popularity of openwork outfits is explained by the charming type of products that give its owner incredible femininity and beauty.

This season, popular models with openwork design throughout the dress, on the sleeves, on the bottom of the product, on the back and neckline. Exquisite dresses with lace inserts - this is a luxurious elegant product, giving a romantic and mysterious notes to the whole female image.

A delightful white lace dress: fashion style guide

For the first time lace outfits appeared in the 16th century. Then only the queens and the rich ladies could afford the lace jewelry on the dresses. Lace was considered an aristocratic fabric, which cost a lot of money. Today, lace dresses are available to every woman, regardless of status, appearance and build.

Each sample of a lace dress is a unique creation that embodies the creative thought of designers and fashion designers. A variety of styles will allow the girl to find exactly the model in which she will look particularly impressive. For evening wear, floor dresses with lace sleeves and a collar are appropriate. In everyday dresses, models with ¾ sleeves in a mini version prevail.

White dresses are most often made of cotton, satin, wool, viscose. They are perfectly combined with lace design. Attractive and summer-like easy to look outfits from flax with lace inserts. Viscose models are indispensable for office bows. They look restrained, stylish and attractive.

Knitted white dresses with lace were recognized as the most comfortable, elegant and feminine. The outfits look elegantly with such decorative elements as satin appliqués, embroidery, beadwork or mother-of-pearl buttons.

White lace dresses: photo ideas for summer looks

White is traditionally considered the summer color. It is indispensable for light images, which every girl in a hurry to embody as soon as the sun begins to warm. White color pushes away sunshine, in such dress you definitely will not be hot.

For summer looks, choose a model with a flared cut that looks like a sundress. Look for models with A-silhouette, dresses with frill and lace inserts on the chest. As for the length, the short models are considered the undoubted favorites of the summer season.

White lace dress with open shoulders

The popular trend of the last seasons - clothes with bare shoulders. This is an incredibly feminine and delicate dress, emphasizing the beauty of the shoulders and arms. The dress can be complemented by thin straps or even without them. In any case, lace dress looks charming and stylish.

In the new season, look at the models with a deep neckline and a V-neck. This style looks equally elegant on thin and full girls.

White dress with lace sleeves

Sleeves in white lace outfits deserve special attention. This is the most feminine detail of the openwork image.

Model with long sleeves made of lace look great and elegant. Moreover, the main part of the dress is made of cotton or viscose base, on which lace is sewn, and the sleeves remain completely openwork. This design is suitable for owners of thin graceful hands. This model is not recommended for full girls.

For summer looks, choose models with short sleeves, the benefit of the choice of such dresses is huge. The style of sleeves can be very diverse. In the trend sleeves frill, flashlight, raglan, straight cut. Dress with short loose sleeves look great on full girls. The original look of the sleeves makes the hands more thin and elegant.

Short white lace dress 2018

This season, popular models of A-silhouette, fitted dresses with lace sleeves and bustier, dresses with a fluffy skirt, beach models. Particular attention should be paid to fitted outfits. It is in the lace version that they look especially elegant and chic. The short dress of their linen, viscose or cotton with lace sewn over should be in the wardrobe of every girl. In this dress you will be charming and unique. Dress straight style with openwork design is indispensable for walking with friends, dates, special occasions.

Outfits with a fluffy skirt look flirty and stylish. Lace decor in this dress can be located both on the top and on the bottom of the product. Fully lace dresses with a full skirt are not excluded. Such a model can not only help you out in your everyday look, but also become a great idea for a prom.

Black and white lace dress: a combination of colors and finishes

Lace is so versatile material that you can create hundreds of original and unique products with it. It may be present in the decoration of collars, pockets, sleeves, neckline, cuts on the back, hem products.

This season, designers went even further and presented models with contrasting black and white lace designs to the public. Moreover, the openwork pattern has also changed. Instead of the usual floral lace, models with pigtails, diamonds and other patterns prevail.

Dresses with black lace on white fabric looks gorgeous and aristocratic. This image is indispensable for special occasions or business setting. Choose models with the right arrangement of lace inserts. For example, openwork black patterns on the sides of the product allow you to visually hide the extra centimeters at the waist.

In addition to black lace outfits easily combined with pastel colors. Openwork design based on pink, cream, gray will create an image of feminine fragile nature.

What to wear with a white lace dress

You can always put on a jacket, bolero or jacket over a white lace dress. Remember that the image should be only one lace thing, otherwise you risk looking tasteless.

Wear casual lace dress with a denim jacket and sneakers. Instead of a bag, grab a stylish backpack. Summer lace dresses look great in a set in a thin cream-colored belt.

An important element of the image with a lace dress is shoes. Pick up the color to match the dress or a neutral shade. The best options are sandals, pumps with stiletto heels, shoes with high, stable heels. Ballet flats or flat sandals are suitable for summer looks.

Lace dresses will always be in trend, therefore, once you have replenished your wardrobe with a white openwork outfit, you will always be confident in your stylish and attractive look.

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