Stylish bright summer 2018: dresses of a free cut

Free cut can not be called a new trend in the fashion world. But in the summer of 2018, it is these dress styles that will prove that the girl is fashionable, creative, modern. Models of free silhouette dresses can be very diverse, so the popularity of free cut will find its echo among the fair sex of different ages, wealth, taste preferences. What should you choose to simultaneously merge with the fashionable wave of the summer spill and at the same time stand out from the rest, creating a unique look? We will tell about it in our article.

Stylish pattern - interesting models in a new way.

Modern designers have such a powerful energy and vivid imagination that even the classic versions of styles are transformed beyond recognition. Modern interpretations are confident, original patterns, ready-made models that can become an ornament to any stylish woman.

Having correctly picked up the material, style, color, a lady at any age can look more attractive, bright and fashionable. And taking into account the factor that dresses of a free cut are very comfortable to wear, they can be used for work, study, rest, special events. Among the most popular variations of this style are:

1. Dress-hoodie. It is capable of both concealing the advantages of a figure and successfully hiding any of its drawbacks. The choice of such a product is a matter of taste, and if you correctly select accessories and additional decorative elements, the image will be unique.
2. Dress "baby dollars". Successful version with a high waist and gathered skirt a la little girl. Best suited for slender young girls. These comfortable, eye-catching dresses are decorated with ruffles and ruffles.
3. Long dress. A popular style that emphasizes a confident silhouette and allows you to create unpredictable interpretations. For such products it is important to choose a decent jewelry and paraphernalia.
4. Dress bag. Something similar to a hoodie dress, but at the same time even more shapeless and incomprehensible. This fact does not prevent such products from being popular and combined with the most original elements.

Trendy versions of the dress of the linen style with thin straps and or without them - with angelica look original. Often the attention of modern youth is attracted by styles, which are a free multi-tiered layer with a large number of frills of various sizes.

Do-it-yourself free cut: office options

Austerity and minimalism - these qualities in dresses, as in any other office clothes, are meant primarily in a business style. But at the same time, even during the harsh office everyday life, a woman should remain a woman. For this reason, fashion designers are trying to bring as close as possible the fashion trends to rigorous options appropriate for important office work.

The most popular type of modern office attire can be called a dress-a-line. It may look baggy at first glance, but the competent choice of such a stylish product will make any office lady feminine and successful. A low heel and a few extra strokes make the girl an alluring puzzle. Seasonal dress options are original models with a V-shaped neck, short sleeves shortened to the shoulder, green and blue hues.

Flared and loose styles of office dresses will be no less relevant in the summer of 2018. But the main secret lies in the fact that you can create such a wardrobe art work yourself. For this you need a quality pattern and a desire to create. The best choice of fabric for the manufacture of finished stylish products designers call satin, knitwear, cotton. Wearing fashionable clothes at work will be possible with classic shoes - shoes, ballet flats, half boots.

Juicy summer dress of a free cut: advantages of fashionable trends

Even in the distant 60s, simple dresses of free cut were launched into fashion by Christian Dior. To our time, the popularity of these styles returned several times, constantly acquiring new features and characteristics.

Summer of 2018 again becomes the period when women want freedom and unpredictability. Many stylists advise to have similar products in the wardrobe specifically for long trips and travels. Especially, if we take into account the many advantages that the original free styles possess, they can be used in almost all life situations:

• Versatility. The dress can add femininity, elegance to the image in any life situation - on a walk, at the workplace, during a summer holiday or celebration.
• Comfort. The material will not hold down movements and add discomfort, whatever the girl does. In any position, the fabric will not stretch and quickly go to the scrap.
• Aesthetics. All parts of the body that protrude, or with which their possessor is not too pleased, will be safely hidden by the falling waves of matter. At the same time, individual models can emphasize the dignity of the figure.
• Wealth of color. Nowadays, saturated tones are considered fashionable. Instead of the traditionally black base, stylists suggest using gray and brown colors. A trendy options can be considered turquoise, purple, blue, red shades.

Dresses of a free cut can be different length. Do you like to show your slim legs? Add some original mini-dresses to your wardrobe. Under monochrome products of this kind you can choose stylish tights or stockings, bright knee socks or flirty leggings. Long dresses must be properly combined with high-quality jewelry. In these cases, fit long beads, large brooches and pendants, modern chains and necklaces.

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