Tattoo dovork: history and features of style, sketches and their meaning

Doppok is a special, unique tattoo style of its kind, as the whole picture consists of points. Translated from the English language dotovk - is a point work, which is characterized by the complexity of geometric shapes and the severity of the ornament. In general, the style of dovork is considered one of the most difficult, since only points are used to create tattoos. At the same time, thanks to the points, you can create unique geometric shapes and patterns, small drawings and realistic portraits.

Alternative style names - point technique or pointillism. All points of the sketch are applied with strict observance of the interval between points. This style is good when the plot is bounded by a contour and needs to be made darker, a change in the shade of the tattoo is achieved by changing the density of the points. Simply put, the more points, the darker, richer and more contrast is the skin image.

The history of the style of dovork

As you know, the founder of the dovk style is considered the Englishman Ksed le Head, or more precisely, he calls himself his creator. In fact, he only made this style popular for the whole world, because he was the first in the modern world to use tattoos in his body, depicting geometric shapes and cyclic ornaments.

If you look deep into history, this trend in the art of tattooing was known much earlier. Proof of the existence of style were cave drawings, where people were depicted with tattoos made with dots. The origins of the modern trend were found in painting, and the source of inspiration was the work of neo-impressionists. They were the ones who used the technology of pinpoint brushstrokes to create the paintings, so the “parents” of the dox art style in tattoo art are such individuals as Lucien Pissarro, Henri Cross and Paul Signac.

Dotovk is not rarely used to create tattoos of religious subjects. As you know, tattoos always had a hidden meaning and energy, and the application of specific characters only reinforce the tattoo. Among the popular options for the style of dovodk can be noted drawings with the image of the skull, animals, patterns, mandalas and other patterns. The process of tattooing in the style of domatoc is long, as it is very complex, but the result is worth it.

Features of the tattoo domatov

The main feature of tattoos, made in the style of dovodk, associated with the features of the technique of application - tattoos can not have small sizes. In general, the style is based on the principle of blackout, and the density of the dot is decisive in the color and play of the shadows of the tattoo. Density (distance between points) can both increase and decrease, making the tattoo can look both darker and vice versa. By creating transitional areas within a single plot, it is possible to achieve the expressiveness and attractiveness of tattoos, alluring with its originality.

The advantages of tattoo made in the style of dovodk:

  • Lively and textured look.
  • High contrast, so that the clarity of the picture is not lost with the distance.
  • Abstract view, due to which the tattoo is never annoying.

Also feature is that the picture is created not only with paint, but also the skin. The basis of the pattern in a tattoo is the skin, which appears through the dots. To create a tattoo dovodk you can use all the colors, however, in the classical sense it is customary to use only two colors: black and red. Thanks to these colors, the master is able to create a rich and three-dimensional pattern that fully satisfies its owner.

Dot is a style that has no limitations, so you can create large tattoos and high-quality portraits. Another feature of the style - the orientation of the ornament, abstract and geometric. Due to this, the drawings look more impressive and expressive in comparison with other techniques of execution. In addition to ornaments, there are other categories of image contours:

  • Animals
  • Stars.
  • Hieroglyphs.
  • Flowers
  • Portraits.
  • Landscapes.

The stages of creating a dot tattoo

As mentioned earlier, dovod - this is a difficult style for the art of tattooing, requiring the hands of a professional. In this case, the master must have not only experience and patience, but also a mathematical turn of mind in order to correctly carry out calculations and determine the density of points. In general, the process of creating tattoos in the style of dovork includes the following steps:

  • Search for a highly qualified specialist.
  • The layout of the picture, the choice of the sketch and its processing, addition or transformation.
  • Disinfection and skin cleaning.
  • Drawing a contour, filling the space with points with a given density.
  • Processing finished work and care for her.

Tattoo dovork: sketches and their meaning

A clear composition, symmetry of geometric patterns and accuracy of forms - these are the distinctive features of the style of dotovk, making it unique in its kind. Dot is an innovative direction, which was first used by cavemen and African tribes. At the moment, tattoos, made in the style of dovork, have only an aesthetic character and serve as the embodiment of beauty, originality and individuality of its owner.

In the past, now used sketches had exact values, for example:

  • The elephant is the personification of wisdom and experience, the happiness of existence.
  • The skull is a symbol of the frailty of everything that exists, at the same time it served as a talisman and talisman for its carrier.
  • Flowers - the transience of life, its significance, fragility and anxiety.

In general, tattoo in the style of dovork is usually performed in black, so they are not rarely associated with gloomy images. As for the unique geometry and accuracy of style, it is the personification of infinity, full of mysteries and secrets. In this regard, and to this day, many believe that the style of domatok helps people find harmony, to achieve it between the inner and the outer "I".

A special role was given to shadow transitions, for example, a contrast transition - a symbol of aggression and strength, but smooth transitions between dark and light areas - the personification of a good and gentle nature, and also have erotic overtones.

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