The richest people of Russia. Forbes Top 10 Richest People of Russia

Despite the imposed sanctions and crisis phenomena in the country, the number of millionaires in Russia continues to grow. According to statistics, about 30% of the world's capital is in the hands of wealthy people all over the world ... And this is about 193 trillion dollars. Russia is in the top five of all countries in the world in the number of the richest people. There are 83 billionaires registered in the country. Who are the richest people in the Russian Federation?

Leonid Michelson

Chairman of the Board of NOVATEK and Co-Founder Leonid. The company NOVATEK is engaged in the extraction of natural gas and its exploration. State billionaire is estimated at 18.4 billion dollars. Last year alone, his fortune increased by 4.0 billion US dollars.

Leonid Michelson was born in Kaspiysk in 1955. Immediately after graduation, in which he received the specialty "Engineer-builder", Michelson began his working life in the Tyumen region as a foreman. Currently, it is the chairman of the petrochemical holding Sibur, a shareholder and a successful entrepreneur.

Alexey Mordashev

According to Forbes, Alexey Mordashev’s fortune is estimated at 17.6 billion US dollars. Alexey began his way to success at a higher educational institution where he met Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, who taught at this university. After graduation, Mordashev began his career in Cherepovets at the metallurgical complex. The young specialist quickly moved up the career ladder.

Over time, the company, in which the future billionaire worked, changed its strategies, there was a rebranding. Now it became known as "Severstal". After that, a successful entrepreneur earned his rather big fortune.

Vladimir Lisin

Lisin’s career began at Yuzhkuzbassugol as an electrician. In the early 1990s, he collaborated with Trans Commodities in the field of entrepreneurship. After some time, he acquired securities at the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant. This company was the impetus for earning its capital, after which Vladimir became a key figure in the world of Russian business. Currently, Vladimir Lisin avoids interviews, does not appear in the press and leads a quiet hidden life.

Gennady Timchenko

Billionaire is a partner of Leonid Michelson. He is one of the board members of NOVATEK and Sibur. He was born in Armenia in 1952. He began his entrepreneurial activity with the Kinex trade association. He bought it on privatized trades. After a while, this merger was reorganized and this company became one of the largest oil traders called Gunvor. According to Forbes, the state of Gennady Timchenko today is estimated at 16.0 billion dollars.

Alisher Usmanov

Billionaire was born in Uzbekistan. His parents were lawyers. After high school graduation, he went to study at MGIMO, but in 1980 he was sentenced to a colony. After six years of serving the sentence, the charge was dropped. After some time in Kazakhstan, Alisher opened his own business.

After migration to Russia he was engaged in the field of communications. His company worked on IT programs. To date, the state Usmanov estimated at 15.2 billion US dollars. Alisher controls the Internet resource "", is the holder of the securities Megafon and the private enterprise "Kommersant" engaged in journalistic activities.

Vagit Alekperov

He was born in the family of an oil producer. State Forbes Alekperov estimated at 14.6 billion US dollars. After graduating from the Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry, he began his labor activity in the Casporneft company. Alekperov has always singled out the most promising and priority area of ​​his activity - the extraction and refining of oil. Throughout his career, he held many different leadership positions, and also worked for some time with the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry.

Currently Vagit Alekperov heads the company "Lukoil". Even despite the constant scandals around the company and international conflicts, Alekperov remains a successful businessman.

Mikhail Fridman

Forbes estimates the fortune of Mikhail Friedman at $ 14.5 billion. Michael was born in Ukraine. Entered a higher education institution in Moscow. The first qualities of a businessman appeared in his student years. Then he sold theater tickets, and on that earned his first money.

In 1988, he founded the Courier Association, which was engaged in the delivery of products around the city. Additional funds were required for the development of the merger, so Mikhail additionally earned extra money - washed the windows.

Today, Mikhail Fridman is the owner of the assets of the Alfa Group consortium, as well as the company that deals with oil and gas in Germany.

Vladimir Potanin

Billionaire was born in Russia. After graduation from MGIMO, he worked for the government for a long time. For some time (1990s) he collaborated with Prokhorov, a presidential candidate and a famous businessman. Potanin at the time made an investment in communications.

He currently owns enterprises engaged in the export of various raw materials and a number of popular publishing houses.

Andrey Melnichenko

All his childhood was spent in Belarus. After graduation, he entered the Moscow State University. As a student, he founded an exchange office in his dormitory. A few years later, this exchange office grew to MDM Bank. After that, Andrei sold the shares of MDM Bank and focused his activities on the development of industrial assets. At the moment, his condition is estimated at 13.3 billion rubles.

Viktor Vekselberg

Billionaire Viktor Vekselberg was born in Ukraine. In 1988, Victor founded an organization in the design bureau to develop software. This was his first business. After only 1 year, Vekselberg created the company KomVek. This company was engaged in the sale of aluminum and copper. Vekselberg's fortune is currently estimated at 12.5 billion US dollars.

V. Vekselberg is the owner of the largest collection of Faberge. About 40 million dollars was spent on the restoration of precious products.

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