100 ideas: Beautiful flowers in the country

Surely many cottage associated with large gardens and a permanent job for them. But still, if you work hard, you can make even the smallest section very attractive and happy to spend time there. To begin with, we suggest clearing the area and preparing a place for planting flowers.

Plot planning

To make the dacha area look really beautiful due to the harmonious arrangement of colors, we recommend you make a project in advance. This does not require special knowledge, just arm yourself with a piece of paper and a pencil.

First, it is necessary to note all the buildings that are on the site of giving. Consider their style and appearance in order to choose the right plants. After that, you need to decide on what exactly you would like to see on the territory: flower beds, arches, beautiful garden or something else. And only at this stage it is worth noting in the figure the approximate arrangement of colors.

For example, if there are garden paths on the plot, then you can decorate them with flowers. For this, low-growing flowers are planted on each side. By the way, due to the different shades of colors, you can create an interesting pattern. Adhering to a monophonic scale, you can easily focus on the track.

If you like flowerbeds, then this is also great. After all, they look no less beautiful and at the same time it will be much easier to care for flowers. The shape of the flower bed can be any, starting with a round, square, rectangular and ending with a diamond-shaped and complex, unusual. However, choose the size based on the area of ​​the territory that you want to refine.

As for location, there are several different opinions. Someone claims that it is best to plant flower beds along the house, and make a well-kept lawn in the rest of the territory. Thus, the cottage looks more attractive.

Others advise organizing a separate garden with flowers in order to enjoy them and their fragrance in a fenced area. Nevertheless, we recommend to make a start in this matter from the size of the plot on which the cottage is located and from personal preferences.

The next thing you can decorate with flowers is the arch or gazebo. During the flowering period, this element in the country will stand out for its beauty and stunning aroma.

On medium and large areas mixborder looks very nice. This is a fairly wide band with flowers of different heights and shades. Such a flower garden is a really great solution. After all, they bloom in turns and follow each other. Therefore, the flower bed will be much longer to please you with their appearance.

What flowers are better to choose to the country

To create unusual compositions, a daylily will be a good option. Such flowers are considered perennials, and also bloom for quite a long time. In addition, they have a wide range of colors, so you can easily choose the right shades to create an interesting composition in the country. The positive qualities of the daylily can also be attributed to the possibility of combining with other shrubs and flowers.

Before you buy this kind of flowers, we recommend you immediately think about what the result should be. Certainly the daylily in large numbers looks amazingly beautiful and bright. But if you want to combine it with another kind of flowers, then dahlias, catnip, tulips, hyacinths, agapanthus and phlox are best suited for this. Combining these flowers, be sure that the composition will look really beautiful.

Another nuance that is important to consider before buying a daylily is the height of the composition. The fact is that different varieties can have flower stalks about 35 cm to 1 m. That is why it is important to consider where and where to plant them. Otherwise, the final result may not coincide with expectations.

Quite a popular flower for landscape design is petunia. It is very easy to grow it, so even the person who deals with flowers for the first time will cope with this task. However, there is one point which is worth adhering to. If you want the petunia to bloom soon, do not sow the seeds in the ground. It is best to plant it in the form of seedlings.

Petunia has several varieties, so think in advance exactly where you will plant it. For example, spray petunia looks great in flowerbeds or along the borders. And cascade petunia is very unpretentious and therefore it blooms beautifully even in bad weather conditions. It is most often purchased for the decoration of the gazebo in the country or the arch. In turn, ampelous petunia is used for decoration of flower-pots, as it releases the falling branches.

Other perennials, such as aster, adonis, lilies, peonies, hazel grouse, yarrow, tulips, sage, and chrysanthemums, are no less popular. They are considered sun-loving, so take care of their proper location in the country.

If you plan to plant flowers in a place where the sun will not shine constantly, then do not choose the previous options. For this, hydrangeas, geraniums, forget-me-nots, primrose and tradescantia are much better suited.

Rules for the care of flowers in the country

The flowers that are most often used for summer cottages are not whimsical and it will be quite simple to care for them. Just enough to know a few basic rules.

By far the most important thing is to plant them in the right place. That is, in such a way that the sun-loving flowers always fall into the sun, and the shade-loving ones enjoy the rays only a few hours a day.

During flowering, give them a little more attention and immediately remove those leaves and flowers that are wilted. Thus, the aesthetic appearance of your composition will be preserved.

When buying flowers, always ask how many times they bloom a year. The fact is that some of them bloom twice, but only under the condition that after the first flowering they will be pruned.

It is possible to decorate the territory of giving with flowers with minimal effort. A beautiful view of the site and a pleasant aroma for the whole season will delight you and your guests.

What varieties of flowers do you choose for your villa?

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