Beautiful design of suspended ceilings

False ceilings have been popular for quite some time. And this is not surprising, because there is a large variety of such structures, which allows you to choose the perfect option, which will decorate the interior. In addition, with the help of a false ceiling, you can make the room more bright, spacious, or even create a real masterpiece. Let's look at the varieties of modern ceilings, as well as analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

Plasterboard suspended ceiling

If you are going to make not a simple ceiling, but with unusual designs, then choose the basis of plasterboard. Such a solution will allow you to embody absolutely any idea that you want.

However, to make such a ceiling is always necessary taking into account the characteristics of the room and the planned design. For example, a multi-level design will be well combined with a minimalist interior. But with another option, it may not look so harmonious.

It is worth noting that the installation of such a ceiling is quite complicated and time consuming, so we recommend to seek help from professionals. They not only develop and install the ceiling correctly, but also carefully close the joints of the sheets. In addition, if desired, they can build in lamps or simple lamps.

With regard to the material for the manufacture, the most often used for this drywall sheets. But if you plan to install such a ceiling in the bathroom, then it must be taken into account and acquire only moisture-resistant drywall.

Tiled false ceilings

If the previous version allows you to make stunning designs, then this view is very simple and concise. It has a relatively low cost, so most of these ceilings are installed in offices and other similar premises. One of the most important advantages of tiled ceilings is the ability to get to communication within minutes. It should be noted the relatively low cost of such structures.

Certainly one of the biggest drawbacks of tile ceilings is their fragility. When falling the tile very easily fights.

Rack ceilings

To create a slatted ceiling, quite a prisoner and long panels are used. That is why the exterior of the ceiling is very similar to the surface covered with clapboard. Of course, these designs do not look too cozy, so most often they are installed in public places. If you nevertheless decided to make such a ceiling at home, then we recommend supplementing it with a large number of light bulbs.

As for the material, the most often installed aluminum slats. They can be of different shades, so to choose the right is not difficult. In addition, such structures are resistant to temperature, are not afraid of moisture, breathable and very durable.

The appearance of the ceiling can be different due to the style of the strips in which they are made. In addition to the classic options, slats can have an unusual shape. Therefore, after installing the ceiling has a figured relief.

Another type of material that is used to create the ceiling of the rack - PVC. Unlike aluminum structures, such slats have a low cost, as well as very light. That is what allows them to mount without much effort, so if you want, you can cope on your own.

As for the color range, the slats can be of any shade and even with a pattern. The surface itself can be both matte and glossy. The most often plastic rack ceilings are installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen, as they have high resistance to water.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings can be called the most versatile and popular. They look especially beautiful, if you choose the right material for manufacturing. It can be in the form of a fabric cloth or PVC film of minimum thickness.

The undeniable advantage of stretch ceilings is ease of installation, as well as minimal maintenance. Very often they are chosen for the kitchen, as the surface is easy to clean. However, it is worth being extremely careful, as stretch ceilings are fairly easy to damage.

Glossy ceilings are considered the most common option. There are many shades, so you can choose the most suitable to the interior. The classic options are white, beige and milky. They make the room more spacious and unnecessarily overload. It is their advice to choose designers for small spaces in order to visually enlarge.

The color version of the glossy finish is less common. After all, it is much more difficult to combine with the general appearance of the interior. The same can be said about the dark version of the coating.

We should also note the mirrored ceilings. They look very original, but still not all decide to make them in their home. Most often they are installed in small rooms to visually expand the room. However, the reflective surface is not always clear. This nuance must be clarified before purchase.

A matt finish externally creates the appearance of a simple, painted ceiling. However, the tension has a very smooth and smooth surface. In turn, the satin ceiling shimmers beautifully and creates glare. It is often chosen for interior design.

It should be noted that each of the options of suspended ceilings looks stylish and modern. In addition, it is not necessary to choose a classic coating. Indeed, depending on personal preferences, you can choose the necessary shade and even apply a pattern or photo.

The most popular drawing of the starry sky. Due to high-quality printing, it will look good not only in the evening, but in the afternoon. But it is very important to choose the right lighting so that the stars appear even more real. However, we recommend making such a ceiling only on condition that the design of the room is fairly simple and not overloaded with unnecessary details.

When choosing a suspended ceiling for a particular room, be guided not only by its characteristics. It is very important to create harmony and to choose the right option in terms of interior design.

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