Women's fashion hats: Fall-Winter 2017-2018 year

"In nature, there is nothing more volatile than a woman's hat"

Joseph addison

For a long time, women's hats were unfairly crossed out of the actual items of women's wardrobe. But even worse is that they were added to the list of sad and sad things that can add age to women. But the famous couturiers denied the above statement and brought women's hats into the category of stylish and fashionable things.

The main autumn-winter trends of fashion hats for women in 2017 - 2018.

Fashionable women's hat of the upcoming season takes the first place in the ranking of stylish accessories.

Presented at the show women's hats - stylish, romantic, giving elegance and mysterious irresistible. Taking into account the preferences of most women, designers have brought together practicality, comfort and luxury. Modern modification of ladies' hat meets all the standards of new trends. It is only important to use an accessory to the site.

The dominant colors in which women's hats are made are sand, light gray and black. However, the designers of the most famous fashion houses found it necessary to bring a touch of brightness during the cold period, and released their hats in muted red, azure, burgundy, pale green and blue hues. In such colors, the hat allows you to look trendy. Take advantage of this. Muted red shades of the hat will set you apart among the prudes. The main thing is to try to wear no more than three colors on you, and choose a matching hat according to your own color type of appearance.

Material for the manufacture of women's hats is used only high-quality, with a noble texture. Leather, suede, tweed and felt - the most popular basis for sewing stylish hats. But in the new collections hats made of shortly trimmed natural fur are additionally presented.

Dressing women's hat - the trend of the season. Modern models are generously decorated with such decorative elements as: satin ribbons and flowers, rhinestones and stones, buckles and brooches, ruffles, ruffles, stripes, eyelets, veil and more.

Modern models of women's hats

In the next season, the most popular styles of hats for the beautiful half of humanity remain:

  • Fedor;
  • broad-brim;
  • fur hat;
  • cowboy hat;
  • cloch;
  • slaughter;
  • boater;
  • knitted hat;
  • caps.

The variety of models of modern women's hats is staggering. In more detail styles of a stylish modern accessory we will consider further.


The main trend of the upcoming season is a male-style hat with narrow sides and a high crown. With this hat you get a lot of options for combinations with the rest of the clothes. To date, there is no need to combine fashionable Fedora hats with classic items of women's wardrobe. It looks great with jeans-boyfriends, giving the youth a touch of negligence and lightness.


The most popular hat model of the last few years is wide brimmed. If you want to look like a sophisticated glamorous lady or a Hollywood star, opt for luxurious wide-brimmed hats. Trouser suit, sheath dress, fur coat are perfect for a wide-brimming mind-blowing model of black or gray shades. However, do not forget the law of style: a wide-brimmed hat is suitable only for women with high stature.

Fur hat

An unusual version of a winter headdress is a women's hat made of fur, in perfect harmony with the coat and classic down jackets. In the upcoming season, such models are made with narrow fields, a crown of circles, and only from smooth short-cut furs.

Cowboy hat

A careful approach to the choice of clothing is necessary for a cowboy hat. They can be made in sand, gray, beige or yellow shades. Looks great in a duet with a shirt and jeans, but definitely not worth wearing them with styles of military or sports.


Expressiveness and accuracy peculiar to the style of a hat - cloche. In hat fashion, they returned from the twenties. The hat itself looks like a bell, but it meets all the requirements of a romantic image and harmonizes perfectly with the classic coat of a male cut. For the cloche, neither the type of the face nor the length of the hair is important. It is literally universal and perfectly protects you from frost in the coming winter.


Slauch is a small neat hat with soft lowered fields and a rounded crown. She fits easily into the female wardrobe. It goes well not only with youth jeans. But also a classic trouser suit.


This is not about a straw tight hat. Coco Chanel introduced a bohemian and restrained cap into a female fashion. Today it is relevant with a special crown, not exceeding three centimeters. Women's hat-kanote perfectly looks like an evening dress.

Knitted hat

Crochet women's hats - the most budget and best option for the upcoming winter. The main thing is that the mating was neat and skillful, without a game of color and ornaments. Only decorative elements are allowed, adding a special charm to the image.


On the eve of the upcoming cold season, glamorous girls who are accustomed to enthusiastic compliments in their address, stylists recommend to look at the caps of felt attractive and stylish styles. They will make a bright and immaculate fashionable focus on the created stylish image.

Fashionable women's hat of the season autumn - winter 2017 - 2018 is a great alternative to a practical hat, setting the tone for elegance in a stylish way. A lady in a stylish hat does not walk with a string bag, languor and mystery are always peculiar to her. However, it is imperative that this accessory needs to correctly select things from the wardrobe in order to look stylish and modern. By the way, an additional plus of a hat is that it perfectly keeps styling and does not deform women's hair.

We hope that the presented photo gallery of fashionable women's hats will help you decide on the choice of headgear.