Trendy summer sundresses: the best ideas for every day

One of the most popular items of the summer women's wardrobe can rightly be called a sundress. Due to the lack of sleeves in it will not be too hot, and in the cool evenings it can be combined with a cardigan, a thin jumper and even with a jacket. In their collections, designers presented a variety of models that differ in style, length, cut and texture. Let's see what should be a universal summer dress?

Fashionable sundresses: trends

Sundresses have many styles, colors and models of different lengths. Unlike past years, designers offer feminine models of maxi, as well as medium length and extremely short. Therefore, you can choose absolutely any, based on your own sense of taste.

Since this year is very relevant naturalness, then to create sundresses natural fabrics are used. The most beautiful and expensive looks are guipure, silk and chiffon. Pleated fabric is also not left out. Moreover, it is used to create a variety of wardrobe items, including sundresses.

Simple everyday products are often made from linen and cotton. Such materials are breathable and very pleasant to the body. As decorative elements for sundresses, lace inserts, various flounces and ruffles, as well as elegant bows and ribbons are most often used.

Summer is a great time for bold and unusual color combinations. In the trend this season, blue, red, yellow, pink and other shades. And not only saturated colors, but also soft, pastel shades will be relevant. But still the real favorite is white, which is appropriate in any image.

As for prints, ethnic, floristic and geometric remain unchanged leaders. However, floral pattern is recognized as a real hit, which emphasizes femininity and adds a touch of romance to the image. Some designers presented a rather interesting combination of prints in their collections.

Summer sundresses: styles and new season

Modern classic

Certainly one of the most relevant styles of summer sundresses can rightly be considered a classic. Fitted or straight products look very modest, but if you complement the image with a denim jacket or cardigan, this will make it a bit more feminine and elegant.

Fashionable "halter"

Halter style sundress will delight the romantic natures. Due to the fact that the product is fixed on the neck with ties, the shoulders and neck remain as open as possible. Such sundresses often have a maxi or midi length, and light, airy fabrics are used for tailoring. A date or an evening walk will be an excellent opportunity to wear a dress of this style.

Topical minimalism

The minimalism style in the current year has become very relevant, so many designers use it as the basis for creating clothes. Simple, concise sundresses can be complemented with a bright accessory or shoes and then the image will look completely different.

Linen style

The linen style not the first year holds high positions among fashionable trends. Frank sundresses in this style sometimes look overly defiant. Of course, these models are not suitable for everyday life. Therefore, we recommend to wear such a sundress to go to a restaurant with a loved one or to a suitable event. But it is very important to think through every detail of the image, so as not to look vulgar.

Nevertheless, the designers did not stop there and offer a very bold trend: a combination of a sundress in a linen style with a T-shirt or a thin jumper. This option looks very extreme and unusual, so not every woman of fashion will dare to try on a similar set.

Graceful, feminine sundresses of expensive materials can easily be used as an evening dress. Such models are most often restrained, but at the same time they have accents in the form of contrasting rates or additional decor.

Asymmetrical cut

This year, in almost every collection you can see clothes of asymmetrical cut. And sundresses - no exception. Such models look very unusual, and sometimes extravagant. Nevertheless, this trend appealed to many girls.

Pleated fabric

Stunningly beautiful, fashionable sundresses made of pleated fabric deserve special attention. Due to the lightness of the material, such models look very gentle and give femininity even to the most daring image. It is best to combine such a dress with elegant shoes, but the variant with coarse shoes and a leather jacket looks no less attractive.

A dress with a pleated skirt can look quite restrained. This model is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for working in an office with a not too strict dress code.

A chic evening maxi dress sundress combines two trends at once: a golden color and an unusual pleated fabric.

Thin straps

Sundresses on thin straps always attract special attention. Most often for their creation use light chiffon fabric or silk. Due to this, the image is very gentle, airy and light.

Ruffles and ruffles

Decor elements in the form of various ruches and frills quickly became fashionable and can be present on any clothing. Designers decorate their shirts, skirts, dresses and sundresses. Agree, it looks very feminine, romantic and really beautiful.

Fashionable sundresses

Ruffles at the bottom of the sundress and on the shoulder straps give it a special romance and lightness.

A great option for a date - a pastel color sundress with ruffles and a floral print.

For the decoration of clothing designers often use embroidery, which can be a contrasting color or in tone. Agree, looks like a sundress in a particularly beautiful.

Sundress is the thing that should be in the wardrobe of every girl in the summer. Depending on the style, it is ideal for everyday life, and for walking or evening out.

What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear in the summer?

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