Tattoos on the shoulder of girls

In the modern world, the art of tattooing is equivalent to broader areas of culture, such as fashion, photodesign, graffiti and others. And today, more and more often, demonstrative drawings on the body, which are impressive in their picturesqueness, are found precisely in the beautiful half of humanity. Especially effectively they look on the elegant female shoulders.

Enjoy the creative design ideas of these amazing tattoos can be infinite!

Luxury photo gallery of flowers

Lovely orchid

Rose buds

Flower still life

Charming sunflower

Artistic masterpieces in full color

Multi-layered art drawings

This option implies a chaotic or harmonious arrangement of elements when the figures seem to intertwine with each other, while creating a single harmony on a general background.

Tattoos with the image of animals - a kind of amulets

Unfortunately, we are not given to fly, we can only watch for free birds. Young ladies who associate themselves with these beautiful living creatures will certainly make a pattern on the body, because this way they can intuitively feel their strength of the wind, sun, inspiration

Small original tattoos on the shoulder are very popular with girls. Most often it is mini-flowers, butterflies, birds, animal silhouettes, various symbols.

Old School Style Image

Very tender and romantic on the girl's shoulder look the branches with berries, flowers and in the form of an ornament.

Symbolic schemes fascinate with their magical power, attracting the eyes of others

Fine lettering

Geometric shapes and lines

The art of tattooed images is growing rapidly in recent years. The technique of techniques, the abundance of original and creative solutions, the refinement of artistic ideas are increasingly attracting fans and admirers. Today, the Internet has a lot of online catalogs with great tattoos, which provides great opportunities for further progress in this direction.

Watch the video: Small Tattoos For Girls On Shoulder (April 2020).