Fashionable cardigans: Spring - Summer 2017

Spring is an excellent occasion to update your wardrobe a bit and add stylish things to it. These can be dresses, trousers, skirts and, of course, cardigans. In 2017, world-famous designers last paid special attention and presented a large selection of various options.

The most popular in the spring will be models of large knitting, as well as knitted, cotton, lace and light silk. As for the color palette, the trend, of course, pastel shades and rich colors. Also in fashion remain cardigans with prints. It can be different geometric patterns in the form of rhombuses, cells, peas, stripes, as well as beautiful floral motifs.

Trendy Button Down Cardigans Spring 2017

This type of cardigan is considered a classic. That is why it can be found in the wardrobe of almost every girl. After all, he replaces the jacket and goes well with not only pants, but also with a classic pencil skirt. Slender model is best suited for slender girls. And owners of magnificent forms should look at the elongated version. As for the length of the maxi, when choosing, one must take into account not only the type of the figure, but also height, so that the figure looks proportional.

Cardigans without fasteners

The most popular version of cardigans is the model without a fastener. And this is quite easily explained, because it is often chosen for the base when creating an image, selecting the remaining elements. Thick version of the cardigan is suitable for cool weather and evening walks. A thin, lightweight cardigan will perfectly complement your casual look.

Cardigans with zipper

In the spring season cardigans with zipper will be relevant. Of course, first of all this variety will be appreciated by young people. Because outwardly such cardigans often resemble light coats or windbreakers. By the way, the location of the lightning can be very different, both classical and asymmetric. And the length of this style often to mid-thighs. This model is well suited for creating an image in everyday life.

Cape Cardigans - New Spring 2017

Cape cardigans were represented in the collections of almost all designers. They will be relevant at the beginning of spring, because during this period it is still rather cold. Therefore, wrap-around cardigans are mostly knitted or made of thick fabric. Which of course creates additional volume. It is best to combine them with narrow pants, leggens or skinny jeans. All this will help create a stylish and modern look.

V-neck cardigans

This cardigan certainly will not choose every girl, because the style has similarities with retro style. But It is worth noting that this particular model is considered the most convenient, comfortable and allows you not to freeze and look stylish at the same time. Therefore, if you still decide to experiment, then combine a cardigan with a V-neckline with different shirts, blouses, turtlenecks and narrowed trousers.

Extra Long Cardigans

Maxi cardigans are becoming more and more popular every year. The thing is that this particular type can be combined with almost any clothing and footwear. And to receive as a result trendy, stylish images. Such a model looks most advantageous with street style, casual or grunge. But in any case, the choice is very important to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. It is best to buy knit cardigans, knit or chiffon. It all depends on what period of spring you expect to wear it.

Pretty restrained cardigan model is perfect for creating an image for office work.

Cardigan maxi length - perfect for everyday life.

Wraparound cardigans

In 2017, things with a smell became very popular and popular. This applies to winter and autumn coats, dresses and of course cardigans. The most versatile will be the average length to the knee. Often, maxi length models are a bit like a bathrobe. And this will agree, it is not appropriate in everyday life. Also, such a cardigan complement the belt in color or choose a more contrasting option. Quite often, to create an accent in the waist area, girls buy a leather belt.

Thin, elegant cardigan suitable for warmer spring weather.

With the help of a cardigan, you can create a cute, romantic look that is perfect for a first date.

Knitted Cardigans

It would seem that spring is the perfect season to put on light and thin things. But you must agree, the beginning of this period is often quite cold. In this case, it is worth choosing a knitted cardigan. In 2017, a large mating became very popular. And it is used to create hats, scarves and cardigans, which may look a bit like a coat. As for the pattern, it can be very different: gum, pigtail or knob. It all depends entirely on your own preferences.

Cardigans with short sleeves

Spring 2017 is very rich in diversity in trends. For example, a cardigan can be not only a classic look, fitted and with long sleeves. But a bit unusual. For example, the model with a short sleeve is a novelty of 2017. Therefore, if you want to make a variety in the usual way, then feel free to choose such a cardigan. Best of all it will look with narrow jeans or a skirt. Moreover, this model is suitable for creating a business image.

Unusual cardigan is suitable only for real fashionistas.

Stylish Asymmetrical Cardigans 2017

Asymmetry is always welcome in the collections of famous designers. And in 2017, cardigans with an asymmetrical hem will be again relevant. Interestingly, this style allows not only to emphasize the shape of the figure, but also to hide the flaws or extra centimeters.

Each of the presented cardigans looks stylish, fashionable and very beautiful. This element of the wardrobe should be present for any girl to create images. And which cardigan will you choose for spring 2017?

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