Fashionable blouses “Fall-Winter” 2017-2018 year

Today, in the modern world of fashion, the blouse is the most sought after item of women's wardrobe. According to the stylists, each of us should have at least three blouses. In the coming season, autumn - winter 2017 - 2018. everything mixed up: silk lace, wool fabrics, floral and checkered prints, feminine silhouettes. When designers so juggle with different materials and styles, we are waiting for wonderful surprises.

The most fashionable blouses 2017 - 2018

All sorts of stylish and unique models of women's blouses will allow you to create unique images or evening bows. The romantic style of blouses can be seen as a key fashion trend in many collections of famous fashion houses. The presence of frills, frills, bows will not leave indifferent any subtle feminine nature.

For such stunning products, designers used transparent and translucent types of fabrics.

Fashionable white blouse of the season autumn - winter 2017 - 2018 - this is the main thing dress code. Snow-white lace and airy silhouettes again become relevant. Romantic frills and airy silhouettes will remind you of summer in cool weather.

A stunning collection with eye-catching details: lacing, appliqués, embroidery and zippers won over more than one heart.

What do you need a luxury look? Printed sexy blouse and stylish accessories. Such wonderful models of women's blouses 20187 - 2018 are made of silk, chiffon, mesh and knitwear.

Floral print remains a favorite for several seasons in a row.

A large and small cell on a blouse is present at many stylish shows.

Especially interesting are blouses made of mesh, embroidered with precious stones.

Luxury women's satin blouses shimmer like jewels in the light. Such a thing will decorate any evening.

Color spectrum

In the first place in the coming season autumn - winter 2017 - 2018 were the classic colors: black and white.

Classic black

Models made in black, in 2018, just do not know. They look very feminine and at the same time businesslike.

Classic white

In a white blouse, every woman blooms right before her eyes. Fashionable models with flats and frills bring us back to the times when we loved magic stories so much ...

Silk blouses of noble pearl and graphite shades will help to plunge into the world full of sensual fantasies. Every woman dreams of such a flowing silk blouse.

Models of brick, blue, cream, beige, red, green and violet shades are relevant in the upcoming season. Laconic cut and rich color successfully complement each other.

The favorite color of the coming season is metallic color: from silver to gold. The main thing is to overflow.

Stylish styles blouses season autumn-winter 2017- 2018

Male style

A woman in a men's shirt with a small collar and cuffs looks sexy and attractive.

Blouses with frill

It is time to show off in wonderful retro blouses, because the new models with frill are very stylish and businesslike. We argue that you have never had such a spectacular blouse!

Fashion hit: blouses with a bow

The hit of the upcoming winter became blouses of the color of precious stones with a huge bow collar. Original and fresh look bows, the shape, size and value of which is not contained in a clear frame. It can easily serve as a fastener or replace a boring collar.

Blouses with open shoulders

An excellent model was developed by designers for those who want to look spectacular and presentable. Sexuality and asymmetry of the lines will be a real find in the fall - winter of 2017-2018.

Extravagant blouses

Women's perspective blouses with a cut on the back will open wonderful perspectives. This model gives the image a special refinement and appeal.

Blouses with ruffles and ruffles

The highlight of the models of women's blouses decorated with ruffles, flounces and drapes is flowing and lightweight fabrics. Volumetric playful waves along the shoulders give a noble note.

Layered blouses

Original cutting, bright prints and elegant design elements are inherent in multi-layered blouses. In such collections there are asymmetrical cuts, open back and shoulders, puffy sleeves-lanterns.

Long blouses

An elongated model of a women's blouse is suitable for various life situations and is perfectly combined with fashionable jeans or pants. A modern style will make you look elegant, but at the same time you will feel completely relaxed.

Blouses with basques

A wide frill around the waist transforms an ordinary blouse into something special and unforgettable.

Blouses with embroidery

Cute embroidery motifs add ethnic notes to fashionable blouses of the 2017-2018 season.

Renaissance blouses

Better models than blouses with sleeves-flashlights are not found in the upcoming season. Designers decorated the smartest models with rhinestones and lace.

Women's blouses with shoulder pads

The highlight of the season is a blouse with shoulder pads. Everything new is well forgotten old. Thanks to the shoulder pads, the modest blouse gets fashionable chic. Glamorous and festive image is guaranteed by all the standards of modern fashion.

High neck blouses

Winter models of high-neck blouses perform not only a protective function in cold weather, but also focus on the harmony of the female neck. Such a thing can perfectly harmonize with classic trousers or skirts.

Shirts - Denim

In a denim shirt, you can go anywhere, combining with a variety of things - from elegant to sports. An interesting decision in 2018 is a denim shirt, worn over a woolen turtleneck.

Summing up, it can be noted with confidence that women's blouses in the coming season autumn - winter 2017 - 2018 will be a stylish breakthrough in the fashion industry. Casual and festive, touching and funny models will allow you to show the informal side of your nature. In such blouses you can twist more than one novel!

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