Professional pedicure: features of different techniques

Ladies love to show off their legs in open shoes. In order for such a spectacle to be pleasant, it is necessary to regularly carry out hygienic procedures that preserve the purity and beauty of women's feet.

Pedicure basics

One of the most popular procedures for achieving these goals is a pedicure. This method becomes the most popular in the summer. But women who love themselves should take care of their feet all year round.

Stages of the procedure:

  • softening;
  • cleaning;
  • treatment of nail plates, skin around and throughout the foot;
  • hydration and nutrition;
  • nail decoration.

The pedicure itself is classified according to the method of conducting the hardware and the classic (manual). On the basis of these main types, branches appeared, among which the favorite and most popular ones have already stood out among the clients of the stores.

Classic pedicure

This method refers to the manual work on the feet. Its advantage is in the simplicity with which it is made even at home. To start the process you need to prepare scissors, tweezers, pumice and file. All this is necessary to remove coarse growths and correction of the nail plate.

The skin of the feet is cleansed and softened in a soap solution with a small amount of salt. After that, you can treat the foot with pumice stone and separate the cuticle. Feet can also be treated with a scrub. It is recommended to keep nails in the most natural way and not to cut too short to avoid ingrowth. Following nails file and polish. Finish the processing of nails coated with varnish.

An alternative to working with the cuticle will be an unedged option, when the regrown skin is softened with a special agent and pushed to the base of the nail with a wooden stick. For complete comfort, you can make a massage with a nourishing cream.

Japanese pedicure

This look has already earned popularity among fashionistas. The peculiarity of the Japanese pedicure is that all means for it are exclusively natural and natural. There are no metal tools and synthetic devices. At the same time, the method is rather effective for healing small wounds, cracks, softening coarse areas, corns and calluses. The main advantage of the method in the care and delicate care.

The process of steaming takes place in a herbal solution, the cuticle is softened with minerals. The scrub for feet has a completely natural composition, like a paste for polishing the nail plate. The composition for a protective coating is a set of essential and base oils. Foot massage master makes using a bag of herbs.

European pedicure

This type of pedicure can be attributed to the uncut method. It is carried out without water and metal tools. For high-quality processing used special means, softening the hardened skin and cuticle. The bellies and calluses will be removed with a scarab, and then with a piece of pumice. To push back the cuticle, it is first softened with oil and moved with an orange stick. For the roller around the nail using a special nail file.

The safety and safety of such a pedicure are obvious. If the cuticle is not cut off, but regularly pushed aside, the skin will become thinner and in time will bring less and less trouble. Only 6 regular procedures are enough. At the end of each session it is necessary to apply a cream on the foot, and nail polish on the nails.

Dry pedicure

From the name of the procedure it becomes clear that the process excludes the use of water. In this case, the risk of spreading the infection is significantly reduced. As in other similar procedures, with a dry procedure, the coarsened areas and cuticle are not cut off, but only corrected without the use of metal tools.

The skin is cleaned with disinfectants. Nail polish is removed with acetone-free formulations. I give the form to the nails with an abrasive nail file, and soften the cuticle with special oil. The cuticle itself is then pushed aside with an orange stick. Heels need to be treated with pumice stone, after which lotion is applied to the skin. Foot massage will be a great final chord. Nails can be covered with decorative varnish.

Also in specialized stores you can do:

  • Spa pedicure;
  • permanent;
  • fish;
  • acid;
  • combined and other types of pedicure.

It is important to make sure that when choosing a procedure, a professional master was chosen.

Professional pedicure at home step by step

Making a pedicure professionally is not that difficult. Numerous courses will be made from any good master, provided perseverance and effort. To make a manicure at a professional level, you must prepare:

  • container with warm soapy water;
  • brush;
  • towel;
  • dividers for toes;
  • pumice;
  • cotton swabs;
  • tweezers;
  • orange stick;
  • nail file;
  • cuticle softener;
  • lotion;
  • decorative nail polish.

Add to the water to soften the corneous areas can not only soap solution. A special tool sold in specialized departments or a decoction of herbs is suitable here.

It is important to previously succeeded with nail polish. First, nails are cut with scissors, after which the file gives them the shape. The length of the nail should be sufficient to cover the ends of the fingers. For cutting can be used nippers with rounded ends, and the shape is better to make a glass or abrasive tool, excluding metal.

In the water nails can hold up to 15 minutes. A longer period will entail a degreasing of surfaces, which adversely affect the health of the nails. Pumice stone gently removes the coarsened layer of skin from the heels, after which you can do a foot massage. It is better to use a special lotion. Massage lines follow from the toes up the ankle. This method improves blood circulation.

Paving the space between the fingers with a special separator, you can paint your nails with varnish. First you need to degrease the plate, then apply a colorless varnish, and then a decorative layer of your favorite color. The first wide smear is applied in the center, then two on the sides of the first.

Apparatus pedicure with keratolitics

For hardware pedicure masters often use special means, softening the skin. The main properties of these compounds are based on the abilities of substances called keratolytics. Translated from the Latin word translates as destroying the stratum corneum. During use of the agent, rejection and partial dissolution of the thickened layer of the epidermis occurs.

Skin keratinization is a normal process for any organism. The products of the process are hair and nails. Regular exfoliation of old cells is necessary for skin renewal, but when it is broken, a thickening occurs, called hyperkeratosis.

Numerous video lessons on the Internet will allow you to easily master the most complex techniques of pedicure. With proper perseverance, you can quickly achieve a high level and become a professional.

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