Women's raincoats: photos of fashion trends of spring 2018

When the sun is warming especially bright, I want to immediately get rid of a heavy coat or jacket and wear something light and weightless. The very nature and spring weather pushes the girls to bold experiments, to create romantic images and easy casual combinations.

No matter how comfortable spring jackets and vests are, these clothes are more casual, not particularly attractive. Elegant feminine raincoats look completely different on the figure. This clothing is designed to awaken the most feminine and tender notes inherent in each of the fair sex, to feel self-confidence. Therefore, if your wardrobe does not yet have this stylish and beautiful clothes, then it's time to get acquainted with the main trends of spring 2018 and finally get this indispensable attribute of a real lady.

Fashionable women's raincoats of spring 2018: the classic does not lose ground

Classic styles are not the first season are popular most fashionistas. Models with deferred collars and a V-corner neckline look appropriate in any image. Such coats are characterized by simplicity of cut, decorative inserts, patch and volume pockets, which only add comfort to these clothes.

Women's raincoats with short sleeves: spring 2018

Sleeves ¾ look flirty and very feminine. The only disadvantage of such a model is that you can only wear a raincoat in warm weather, otherwise you risk not only look ridiculous, but simply freeze.

Women's raincoats with short sleeves are presented in a variety of styles - to the waist, with the smell, with hidden buttons, with zippers on the side. Minimalism and simplicity can be traced in every detail of this outerwear, which captivates many girls who prefer moderate and restrained images.

Women's suede raincoats: spring 2018

To suede cloaks, many girls are wary. It is difficult to combine such outerwear with other elements of the image. It is important to adhere to the main rule - a suede cloak is already a big load on the image, so the rest of its details should be kept as low as possible.

For all the shortcomings of suede there is an important advantage of this material - it looks expensive and chic. Choose models from natural suede pastel colors, they will become a real hit of spring 2018. Coats of brown, milky coffee, terracotta, mustard color are present in the collections of Ralph Lauren, Daks, Loewe.

Women's leather raincoats: spring 2018

Leather coats can hardly be called a novelty. In the cabinets of many fashionistas you can find spectacular leather outerwear, which at one time was at the peak of popularity.

Clothing made of genuine leather can not only protect its owner from rain and wind, but also add brutality, mystery and chic to the image. In the latest collections of Max Mara, Phillip Lim, Creatures of the Wind special attention is paid to the classic monochrome models. In addition to the classic black shade of leather coats, beige, blue, plum, yellow, and brown colors are popular.

Short women's raincoats: spring 2018

Light short raincoats, which are more like a warm jacket, deserve special attention in the spring season 2018. Such outerwear looks stylish on any girl. In the spring of 2018 you should not limit yourself to models of reserved shades. Show your spring mood and put on a short raincoat of bright saturated color. Emerald, blue, pink, bright yellow, turquoise models are in fashion. These cheerful colors look amazing.

Women's military-style raincoats: Spring 2018

Military style in the new season surrendered their positions. Girls are tired of boring colors and choose brighter and more life-affirming shades of outerwear. If the conservatism of your fashionable preferences does not allow to get rid of a raincoat in military style, then you can safely wear it this spring.

Choose raincoats of blue and olive color with a characteristic decor, as if escaped from the uniforms of brave warriors. The recognizable feature of military-style clothing is:

  • coquette
  • strict turn-down collars
  • large patch pockets
  • metal buckles

Women's Double-Breasted Raincoats: Spring 2018

The style of double-breasted raincoats has not changed for several decades. This is a classic outerwear, which even in 20 years will be great to sit on our children and grandchildren. Only the colors change. This season is popular deep saturated colors - plum, blue, garnet, emerald.

Women's Sleeveless Raincoats: Spring 2018

Outerwear without sleeves - a great option for a cool spring and summer. Looks more than original style. Designers offer models of soft, pleasant to the touch materials.

A sleeveless cloak can be complemented with a warm turtleneck or sweater, if necessary. It will look great in the evening, and in the daily image. Create contrasting combinations, for example, a beige raincoat with a black sweater and leggings. A bright bag or shoes will help to diversify the image.

Women's sports raincoats: spring 2018

Sports raincoats perfectly harmonize with the street wardrobe of jeans and stylish sneakers or sneakers. The main components of a stylish raincoat are a free form, a bright print, large pockets and a hood. In such a dress you are not afraid of any vagaries of spring weather.

Women's raincoats for obese: spring 2018

Lush ladies always riveted the views of men, because they seemed to them more feminine and charming. Properly chosen wardrobe only enhances this effect.

Choosing spring coats for obese women, you should consider every little thing. An important aspect in the selection of the correct model of the cloak is the type of figure.

For the owners of the silhouette of "pear" fit the model of direct cut or model raglan lapels and ruffles. You can visually hide the lack of a waist with the help of a raincoat with an over-fit. Models of raincoats to the middle of the shank with the decor on the front film will visually add height to short full girls.

Try to emphasize each individual feature of your physique. For example, large breasts can be distinguished using a close-fitting model with buttons or a zipper from the waistline. Hide large wide hips will help trapeze cloaks with wide ruffles along the hem. To balance and balance the whole image will allow raincoats with short sleeves 3/4, wide cuffs or cuffs.

Women's raincoats spring 2018: current prints of the season

Spring is the ideal time to realize the original ideas that will be greeted with caution at other times of the year. This season, in addition to bright and pure spring colors, original designs and patterns such as are dominant in fashion:

  • animalistic prints - drawing imitating the skin of a leopard, tiger, giraffe or zebra is not popular for the first season. In the spring of 2018, they will continue to hold their positions and be the main part of the image of these fashionistas.
  • cage - geometric patterns from classic Burberry to tartan will not soon leave the world stage

  • strips - horizontal, vertical, small and large prints are also in fashion. But with such a pattern is to be extremely attentive. Pay attention to the width of the strips, which under certain conditions can visually "expand" the shape or, on the contrary, pull it too much.
  • Floral motifs - prints with small, large or single flowers are simply created for spring looks.

A raincoat is an outerwear that dusts in a closet for most of the year, but without it, an easy image in rainy and cool weather is simply inconceivable. He will help you out when it is already hot in the jacket, and it is generally cold without outerwear. If your wardrobe does not yet have a stylish and comfortable raincoat, then be sure to purchase it.