Stylish and original tattoos on the clavicle

The selection of a tattoo site is an important step in the process of preparing to apply a pattern to the skin. There are fashionable places where tattoo is most often done. For the most part, they are paraded and show permanent drawing to others. There are sacred areas where personal messages are pounded on themselves.

Some places on the body allow you to show a tattoo and still leave it quite intimate. These include drawing on the clavicle.

Tattoo on the clavicle: translation, meaning

Properly selected tattoo for a girl can give it mystery, tenderness and fragility. The most popular for the decoration of the clavicle are inscriptions. Most often, they are performed in a foreign language, investing in the essence of a deep philosophy. In addition to the meaningfulness of the inscription it is necessary to consider its font and shape. Before deciding to get a tattoo on the collarbone, you need to understand that this place is especially sensitive. The most unpleasant sensations await thin girls who have virtually no fat under the skin.

"Passion for travel"“I carry your heart with me. I am always with him. ”

The benefits of applying a tattoo on this place are worth it to suffer:

  • clavicle minimally exposed to friction;
  • place is static;
  • does not deform with age;
  • a rare hit of sunlight eliminates the fading pattern;
  • You can hide or, on the contrary, show it at the request of the owner.

"Stay strong""You were… "“You are my light of the sun”

Most often, emotional inscriptions on the body are inherent in girls. They are more sentimental and thoughtful than men. The inscriptions on the skin are selected by the level of intimacy with the emotional state of the ladies. In most cases, the thoughts conveyed in the tattoo, associated with personal life. Such inscriptions are divided by topics:

  • about love;
  • about family;
  • about life;
  • philosophical;
  • religious.

“I can’t change even if I want to”Only some languages ​​are considered popular in which such slogans are written:

  • Latin;
  • Hebrew;
  • Arab;
  • English;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Chinese;
  • Russian.

"Just live"

We should also talk about the font. It should reflect the essence and mood of the selected phrase. More soft and graceful lines write words about love. Letters should be rounded and convey the meaning of what is written. If the font consists of angular letters and clear lines, then it is chosen for serious life-affirming phrases. You also need to be careful with the use of capital letters - their striking difference from the rest can spoil the overall picture.

“Love me for who I am”

There are a number of inscriptions that definitely should not be applied to the skin. Among them are rude and vulgar phrases, which over time will be embarrassing to demonstrate. Often, at first they seem witty, but over time, the eyes of their owners open and the painful process of putting down the tattoo begins. Do not perpetuate the names of beloved on your body. Most often, this decision is made in a fit of passion, and in 90% of cases, over time, the drawing loses its relevance. This category also includes the names of your favorite musical groups.

“I'll do it later”

Selecting the inscription on the collarbone, you need to listen not only to your desires, but also to the opinion of close people.

“Nothing promised”

Bird tattoo on the clavicle

In addition to the inscriptions in the top tattoo for the clavicle is the image of a bird. It is associated in most people with freedom of spirit and independence. These are general characteristics. More detailed interpretations depend on what kind of bird is shown in the figure. Most often, the plot with a flying bird is chosen by romantic natures, prone to dreams and extensive reflections.

Usually on the clavicle prick:

  • swallows;
  • pigeons;
  • raven;
  • owls;
  • falcons;
  • mythical phoenixes;
  • mockingbirds;
  • flamingo;
  • peacocks;
  • swans.

The dove, especially the white, symbolizes purity and integrity. Most often, girls choose birds with wings outspread in flight. Swallow or their small flock are designed to demonstrate femininity. The swans on the clavicle usually symbolize love, loyalty and devotion. Choosing an eagle, the lady wants to focus on the strength of her spirit and will. Owl will mean endless wisdom and discernment. Pink flamingo shows fragility, tenderness and femininity. But with the choice of a tattoo in the form of a crow, the girl should be more careful. It is a symbol of independence and wisdom and at the same time something dark and awesome. But, if this controversial energy of the crow is close to the girl, then you can safely impale such a tattoo.

Tatu twig on the clavicle

A sprig of lavender on the clavicle is a very popular tattoo for the female clavicle. The tenderness of this elegant plant will emphasize the fragility of the female body. The flowers for tattooing are very much for the girls, so they are increasingly being offered in fashionable salons. You can depict lavender in both color and monochrome. In any case, the flowers and leaves of the plant should be recognizable.

It is believed that the lavender branch can protect against the evil eye. Therefore, its presence on the female body can become a kind of talisman from evil energy. Also, lavender is associated with physical health and cleansing. In addition, many cultures consider this flower a symbol of eternal love.
In terms of astrology, lavender can be a suitable tattoo for Lviv. It stimulates the development of strength and decisiveness in them. If there is an opportunity to make a color tattoo, then it should be remembered: blue flowers will suit romantic natures, and purple ones symbolize inner peace and tranquility of the owner of such a tattoo. Dark shades of flowers will help to appear more mysterious, and bright green leaves demonstrate cheerfulness and a desire to learn new things.

If we talk about the technique of application, but it is better to choose the style of watercolor. Such a picture will resemble a photograph. You can also choose minimalism or graphics. But first you need to find a good clear sketch, where all the details of the future tattoo are detailed.

Regardless of the plot, the tattoo on the collarbone is stylish and original. Men more often choose symmetrical options. The girls are suitable gentle pictures on one of the clavicles.

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