The most famous and beautiful bridges of the planet

It is generally accepted that man cannot create objects as beautiful as those that are of natural origin. But people continue to strive for perfect lines and aesthetics. Sometimes it translates into magnificent designs in the form of buildings, sculptures and other man-made masterpieces. Some bridges scattered around the world can compete with natural monuments in beauty and grandeur.

Initially, such structures had a purely practical purpose on the way in which people overcome obstacles. But the skill of some designers made it possible to recognize that some of the bridges can rightly be considered amazing and magnificent buildings.

Many beautiful bridges in Europe. In Russia, most of the magnificent buildings are concentrated in St. Petersburg. Most of all attention is attracted by cable structures. Every year, all the new bridges are born, among them there are many who become champions for any indicators, eclipsing the previous outstanding object.

Golden Gate

This is the legendary bridge in San Francisco, which for 30 years held the title of the largest of the suspension bridges in the world. The Golden Gate has notorious fame - he became a record holder in the number of suicides. According to statistics, every month one madman jumps from this bridge.

Tower Bridge

This bridge has long become a symbol of London, and all tourists tend to see it and capture it on memorable photographs. The special construction involves special galleries, through which pedestrians can move across the bridge even in a diluted form. The breeding mechanism has become another specific detail: in just a minute, the component parts of the structure completely converge or diverge, letting vessels pass by. Thanks to its fame Tower Bridge acquired the status of a museum.


Hangzhou is the longest car traffic bridge. It is located in China and lasts 36 kilometers. Hangzhou also became the longest bridge crossing the ocean. There are already several projects of bridges in the world that will be longer than the current record holder, but for now it is Hangzhou that holds this title.

Bosphorus Bridge

This bridge is remarkable in that it connects Europe and Asia. More precisely, it lies between the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. This feature attracts tourists from all over the world.

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge or Gate Gate Millennium is unique in that it is the only one of a kind of turning structures in the world. When ships pass along the river, the bridge turns 40% in 4 minutes, which resembles a blink of an eye from afar. During the year, the bridge runs about 200 such cycles. It’s definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.


In France, there is another record holder from this collection. This is Millo Bridge. Its height reaches 343 meters. This viaduct is also famous for the highest piers and towers of the bridge. Such facts allow us to imagine the scale of the structure even to those who did not see it with their own eyes.

Erasmus Bridge

This design was not intended to impress with its size, but the original design still made it one of the most famous bridges in the world. The architectural object is located in Rotterdam, for which he received the nickname Rotterdam Swan. The shape of the bridge is a product of long and hard work of engineers and designers. As a result, the bridge did hit the list of champions - it was the longest of the drawbridges that exist now in the world.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Portugal has the longest bridge in Europe. It was named after the famous traveler Vasco da Gama. Compared to Hangzhou, this bridge is obviously shorter, but the elegance of the lines and the organic form attract no less tourists than the legendary record holder.


Bridge Fort has long held the title of the largest bridge in the world. In addition, this bridge is a railway. The fort is located in Scotland and was the first cantilever bridge in the world. Also the construction became the first steel bridge in England. All these features give the structure an impressive and fascinating look.

Oliver Bridge

Oliver Bridge attracts the attention of tourists with the unusual shape of the letter X. It is located in Brazil and has a special form of masts. Its height reaches 138 meters. Bridge 144 is fastened with steel cables, and luxurious LED backlighting adds originality. Thanks to its stunning appearance, Oliver Bridge has become a symbol of the city of Sao Paulo.

Japanese Pearl Bridge

Another masterpiece of design and engineering was the Japanese Pearl Bridge. It was built in the very center of the seismic zone. For many years, the bridge has held the title of the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Banpo Bridge Fountain

The stunning beauty of the Banpo Fountain hit the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountain fountain in the world. It is located in Seoul. The length of the fountain reaches 1140 meters, which exceeds the size of all other similar structures.

Magdeburg Bridge

This bridge is different from all the others in one important detail - it is water. On it various vessels regularly go. The length of the Magdeburg water bridge is only 1 kilometer. The main purpose of this object is to connect two navigable canals of Elbe-Havel and Middle Germany.

Palace Bridge

One of the main symbols of St. Petersburg is the Palace Bridge. It connects Vasilyevsky Island and the City Center. The name of the bridge comes from its association with the Palace Embankment, with which the structure is adjacent. This is the most famous drawbridge, which diverges twice per night. From the Palace Embankment one can observe how 3 bridges are raised at once:

  • Troitsky;
  • Palace;
  • Exchange.

Picturesque bridge

One name of this magnificent structure speaks about its external features. This bridge is located in Moscow and connects Serebryanny Bor and the Krylatskoye area. The design looks especially modern. The brightly shining arch that adorns the bridge gives it a special charm. In the upper part there is an observation deck.

In Moscow there are a number of stunning buildings:

  • Bagration Bridge;
  • Crimea Bridge;
  • Patriarchal Bridge;
  • Rostokinsky aqueduct;
  • Pushkin Bridge and others.

In St. Petersburg with their magnificence they open their eyes:

  • Trinity Bridge;
  • Lomonosov Bridge;
  • Anichkov Bridge;
  • Egyptian Bridge;
  • Red Bridge;
  • Panteleimon Bridge;
  • Lion Bridge and others.

The above bridges are part of the same frozen music, which is called architecture. You can view and study them endlessly. Ancient bridges hold the energy of antiquity, while the new ones demonstrate the aspiration of society for development in all areas. In addition, each of them remains a work of art.

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