Beautiful tattoos on the ribs: the best examples in the photo, sketches for girls and men

Wearable pictures on the ribs - the ability to emphasize the figure and its advantages, while expressing its originality and uniqueness. In most cases, the tattoo is applied for beauty, so that the image is more sexy, with particular attention focused on the figure of the tattoo owner. Correctly selected image will hide body defects, but an unsuccessfully selected sketch with accuracy and vice versa, so it is important to choose a drawing correctly, the master will help in this.

When choosing a tattoo on the ribs, it is necessary to take into account body composition - slender and thin individuals should not use dense, colorful or cumbersome tattoos. Small pictures will also not be appropriate, you need to choose something in between. For denser girls and men, a larger picture will do; it should be commensurate.

     It is also necessary to take into account that this part of the body eventually undergoes age-related changes: the skin stretches and the muscles lose their elasticity, therefore, in order to preserve an attractive tattoo on the ribs, you need to monitor the weight and your figure, supporting it with sports exercises. A tattoo is applied to the ribs after preliminary preparation - you need to lose or gain weight before the tattoo, since the skin can change its density, turning the drawing into an incomprehensible spot. Drawings with fine details on the edges are not recommended.

The tattoo on the ribs will be well visible both on the front and on the back, so it is important that it blends in harmoniously with other tattoos on the body. The tattoo may be enlarged, supplemented so that it goes to the stomach, thighs or buttocks. From which side to stuff a tattoo, there is no difference, but for talismans there are restrictions. According to the Christian rules, the left side is evil, death and negativity, but the right side is good and power. But there are exceptions to this rule, for example, a dolphin on the left side is a symbol of loyalty, and yin-yang on the right side is wisdom and a chance to unravel the puzzles of fate.


Tattoos on the ribs of girls: the pros and cons

Tattoo on the ribs of a girl is a frequent occurrence that can be found on summer beaches. Confirmation of the popularity of tattoos on the ribs of the weaker sex will be various tattooed celebrities, including Megan Fox with a poem on the ribs, the singer Rihanna - with an inscription on the side and many others.

The main advantage of such a tattoo - the ability to wear it as hidden from prying eyes, and vice versa put on public display. At work, many do not welcome such originality, so colleagues and bosses will not be able to see the image on the girl’s body, but in the summer time you can wear a swimsuit, showing the picture in all its glory, using it as a spectacular decoration. Tattoos on the ribs can often be seen in athletes and girls who support their figure in the gyms. Patching will emphasize the beautiful figure and press (if available).

Another advantage of the tattoo will be its healing, which does not cause much trouble, as you can take care of the tattoo yourself. In the first weeks after applying tattoos, it is better to abandon the tanning salon or the bath; During this period of time, masters advise wearing loose clothes so that the crust does not get damaged, and the skin surface itself should be constantly treated with healing ointments, which accelerate the healing process of the tissues.

Girls who have never done tattoos, are wondering - does it hurt to get a tattoo on the ribs? There is no definite answer, it is connected with the fact that each person has his own pain threshold and sensations transferred during this procedure are individual. However, if you believe the statistics, as well as biology (the ribs are close to the skin, and the fat layer is small), the answer will be unequivocal - it hurts. Also, experts do not advise to appear in the tattoo parlor during menstruation or a week before they appear, because during this period of time the female body is particularly sensitive.

If the girl is overweight or prone to corpulence, the tattoo on the ribs will be a crucial step for which you need to prepare. With a sharp change in weight, the tattoo can be deformed, lose an attractive appearance, it is difficult, if not impossible, to correct this situation. Therefore, to determine whether to put a tattoo on the ribs of a girl should advance, after weighing all the pros and cons. Also, experts do not recommend stuffing a tattoo on the ribs of girls who have not yet given birth.

Men's tattoos on the ribs

As for men, they often use monochrome black images. The most popular tattoo is a ship with sails, which floats on the waves. Earlier, the sailors used similar tattoos so that they could be identified and buried properly. At the moment, this picture has a completely different meaning - its owner is a freedom-loving person, ready for difficulties.

Among the popular tattoos on the ribs of men consider: religious subjects, black boars, crosses, wild animals and birds, representatives of the deep sea. Before you apply the image you need to know about its meaning, for example, the shark is a symbol of cunning, strength and a sharp mind, despite the fact that it looks daunting and very aggressive.

Also popular are dragons, nude girls, skulls and wings. Often the stronger sex uses biomechanics and classic tribal. In some cases, men put flowers on the ribs, often an iris, symbolizing strength and courage. No less popular inscriptions, often it is the thoughts of the owner of the tattoo, quotes, poems or Chinese characters.

Rib Tattoo Designs

Among the most successful sketches for tattoos on the ribs of girls consider:

  • Flowers Lily - a symbol of pride, poppy - loneliness, a rose - big love, and tulip - wild passion. However, many girls do not invest a special meaning in the image, and use it because of the external beauty.
  • Birds are a cute and romantic option. Each bird has its own designation: pigeon - good, hummingbird - cheerfulness, crane - prosperity, and bird feather - independence.
  • Inscriptions - a universal option for men and girls, which can be positioned not only on the edge, but also any other part of the body.
  • Various patterns and ornaments that will help hide skin defects or shapes.

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