Tattoo poppy: history, meaning, sketches, the best photo collection

For the first time such a concept as a tattoo began to be remembered more than four thousand years ago. The first traces of the tattoo were found during the excavation of the Egyptian pyramids, while the drawings on the dried skin of the dead remained quite clear. Nowadays, tattoos are very popular, because with their help, men and women demonstrate their uniqueness and sexuality. When choosing a sketch, most prefer the animal world of the world or the various plants, flowers. One of these options was the poppy, which has an original and attractive appearance, as well as carrying a deep sacred meaning that can tell a lot of interesting things about its owner.

Tattoo poppy: history

For the first time poppy became not only a flower, but also a powerful symbol in ancient Greece, because its inhabitants compared a human head with a poppy, sacrificed poppy heads to the gods. In this regard, the first historical significance of the poppy tattoo is humanity, salvation and eternal life. But among the Etruscans (present-day Italy), the opposite is true; they closely associated the poppy with death, sewed the clothes of the dead with the help of this flower. Modern scientists believe that from that moment the demon began to be depicted in a red cloak, because it is a characteristic color for the poppy. For ancient Egypt, the poppy served as a symbol of burial and was used as a flower, which was placed in tombs next to the dead.

On the territory of Russia and in its culture, the poppy flower had extremely positive significance, because the flower served as the personification of beauty and youth, bewitching its magnificence. Later, the Greeks began to associate the poppy and its flower with their dreams, considering it an attribute of the gods of sleep and death. This fact has the right to life, because as you know, flower seeds are used as soporific.

As for the eastern countries, in China there were immediately several meanings for this red flower. First of all, he symbolized beauty, relaxation and peace, at the same time he was associated with such notions as submission, he served as the personification of the night for them. Also, Chinese residents believed that poppy is associated with nature, serves as a symbol of death and the birth of a new life, that is, it has a direct connection with the life cycle and the process of human rebirth. After the tragic World War II, the poppy received another meaning - memory and respect for the dead.

Tattoo poppy value

As is known, from the most ancient times, poppy was used as a medicinal plant, its seeds were used as a sleeping pill. The problem of the past was only that people did not know about the narcotic properties and the necessary dosage, so a person could not only sleep, but also do it forever. In this regard, one of the meanings of the tattoo poppy is unpredictability, oblivion, deadly sleep and the transience of life.

Another meaning of a poppy tattoo is true. As you know, in ancient Greece, girls with the help of poppies wondered if their men remained faithful, so the flower had an alternative name, dilefelon (a love spy). Also, with the help of poppy, people confessed their love, while the flower was a symbol of honesty and frankness of feelings.

Very often, the value of a tattoo with a poppy is associated with Christianity, because believers symbolize the blood of Christ, its sacrifice and suffering. At the same time, negative meaning can have religious significance - ignorance or apathy. Also, the value of the tattoo is associated with the Slavic traditions, while the poppy acts as a talisman that protects against evil, witchcraft or the evil eye of the newlyweds.

If, when creating a sketch for a future tattoo, a hint is made that the poppy is the source of opium, then the value of the tattoo poppy will be next - fertility, pleasure. At the same time, a flower, like a rose, can personify love, romance and wild passion. If the image has only one flower, then it is a symbol of a sensual and lonely person who loves and values ​​his life.

Tattoo poppy: styles and sketches

When choosing a style direction and a sketch of a future tattoo, there are no particular limitations, so you should trust your own sense of taste, also take into account age, belonging to subcultures and social status. Attractive looks poppy tattoo in the style of realism, because the flower will be the same as in nature. A sketch of a poppy tattoo in the style of realism should contain several flowers and a bright image, so you need to plan a large tattoo located on your chest, back or shoulder.

Fans of bright colors stop at the tattoo poppy in the style of watercolor. Visually, one gets the impression that leather is a paper on which flowers were painted with the help of ordinary watercolors. The tattoo will be light and airy, very bright and colorful, while the contours and accuracy of the lines will not be respected, but the game of color transitions and shades will amaze with its originality. The only drawback of such a tattoo - the complexity of its implementation.

The tattoo looks originally in an abstract or psychedelic style, because visually it may seem that this is a book illustration, where paint leaks are possible and there are no black outlines. No less attractive option - poppy in the neo-traditional style, because such work will be of high quality and technical. The flower will not be like in a book, but it will become as natural and realistic as possible. Also in demand are styles such as graphics, minimalism and bio-organic.

When choosing a sketch usually pay attention to two details: the number of flowers and their color. In the classical concept of poppy has a red color, symbolizing love and passion. Also in demand is black poppy, which symbolizes grief for a loved one, sadness, anxiety or death. Also, such a tattoo is used by people with otherworldly and witch forces, so the black poppy has only a negative meaning. As for the number of flowers, one poppy is a symbol of loneliness, so girls prefer whole poppy bouquets or meadows, complementing them with butterflies and other flowers.

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